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Hello readers out there, I welcome all of you to "Horror stories and confessions". we publish scary-stories and real ghost confessions people face in their real life. It is designed to give you a complete scary-experience. we publish real scary-stories, horror-stories,ghost stories,urban legends,ghost confessions,creepy-pasta,paranormal facts,paranormal information,real scary facts,haunted places,mysterious facts,scary stories for children,horror stories for all and creepy stories. horror stories that has ghost,monster,devil,witch and demons a part of it are also posted in horror stories and confessions.For the convenience of users, we have made four partitions to the horror-stories tank. Prior to this, we were running a trimmer review blog.

"True horror stories" is the first subcategory of our website.It is packed with real horror stories and ghost confessions. Some of the stories are based on real ghost incidents and encounter with paranormal entities they had.It has a long horror story series that will fill you with complete horror experience.

Second subcategory is "Urban legends". This subcategory is powered with old stories that are based on common belief. This has nothing but scary urban legends. Go through this section to explore them out. They will surely scare you a lot.

"Short scary stories" is next on list. You can explore them for maximum scary experience in minimal time. we have short scary story series that has three short yet scary story into one. This column publishes interesting scary stories that will heat you up and give you a hair-raising experience.

Fourth subcategory we have is "Most haunted places". This includes description of some most haunted places in the world. It also includes common experience people had upon visiting those places. This column includes haunted house,haunted mansion,haunted railway station and haunted places over the globe. If you dare much, go through this section, have a view of those haunted places and plan a visit there.

The last subcategory we have added in this section- "Paranormal information and facts". It consists of facts that are written after paranormal investigation. It has stories and articles based on true paranormal interaction. Explore this part to read true paranormal articles, stories about real paranormal creatures and real paranormal beliefs people have had.

It is a website that has ghost stories and real paranormal experience people have had in their life and they share it as a confession. If you had any such confession, Send it to us anonymously Here . We assure you your privacy.

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