3 Most Haunted Places in Darbhanga, Bihar

Darbhanga city has a very important place in Bihar in all aspects. Be it from the point of tourist attraction or, economic importance or be it cultural values and old tales interrelated to different places. Today, we are going to dig up 3 most haunted places in Darbhanga city that is rumoured to be haunted by malevolent spirits and/or faces multiple mysterious phenomenon. Please not palpitate while we take you on a pulsating journey to these creepy attractions in Darbhanga.

Locality Near the Kankali Temple

most haunted places Darbhanga
The Kankali temple is known for its mighty Goddess Kaali. In Hindu mythology, Goddess Kaali is known for its surprising powers and her anger. It is considered as whoever visits this temple and prays from their true heart is bestowed with pleasure and fulfilled desires. It is located within Darbhanga Fort and is interlinked with an ancient story.

In classical times during the reign of Darbhanga King, this very temple was built for attaining the glory and prosperity of the Darbhanga Kingdom. By every passing day, the emperor was attaining fame for his good deeds and the dynasty was jovial. One fine day, king’s astrologers found some grah-dosha in his kundli and notified the emperor about the same. The only option to get rid of that futuristic problem was to please the Goddess by giving human sacrifices.

Within few weeks, a huge number of slaves were offered to Goddess Kaali to save the endangered ruler. A well was dug up and the remains of the forgone bodies were pushed in and covered later. This crucial act had saved the king but could not save the partition from being haunted. It is believed that the area around the temple is possessed with those malevolent spirits that trouble visitors. In an early report, a pregnant woman faced miscarriage after visiting the locality while few other pedestrians have noticed spooky noises during midnight. Due to the old tales and ghastly occurrences, this locality is named among the most haunted places in Darbhanga.

Haunted School, Darbhanga

most haunted places Darbhanga
There is a school that is known for its creepy environment and ghost tales. Here we can’t utter its name due to some defamation issue but, of course we can take you to a real tale about the same. Let’s get started.

Well, after stepping in the main hall, you can easily point out the stage a height above the floor. It is rumoured that, the podium was previously a gallows stage where the criminals were hanged to death. During Darbhanga king’s dynasty, accused who were found guilty in nasty crimes were sentenced to death and it is believed that this was the place where they were kept before death and hanged on the pre decided dates.

When you would take a look at the structure of the prime building, you would be amazed to see a zigzag crypt built all over the ground floor. The believers would say, it was used to keep corpse and criminals in a peculiar environment. There are a lot of incidents that the hostler kids had suffered in the past and we would name few of these.

During dark night hours, there take place a lot of scary incidents to freak out the bravest soul of a children. The hostel keeps children upto class 10th and many of them have their story to narrate. One of the children speaks about how he saw a white apparition in the generator room while he was returning from mess at 10 PM while the other speaks about his fear from unknown vibes spread throughout the hostel.

In the late silent hours, hostler kids have claimed to hear creepy noises beneath their floor like, sound of footsteps, noise of felling of desks and murmuring voice all those hours. An additive element to the spookiness is a peon shamim whose elder brother committed suicide by the application of a gun whose soul is said to still wander in the premises. The creepy list of heart throbbing incidents continue to happen in its own pattern. Due to a lot of horrifying incidents, we place this spot among most haunted places in Darbhanga. It is similar to creepy ghosts at top haunted places in Rajasthan where you can encounter evil.

Haunted Structure, Bhandaar Chowk

The Bhandar chowk is located near Kathalwari, Darbhanga, There is a worn structure beside a bushy pond that is claimed to be haunted. According to locals, a decade ago, a drug addict took heavy dosage of cheap wine and lay unconscious in that very building. He got no proper attention and died by the next morning. According to reports, his spirit is still said to wander around the structure and pond area. Today this building stands dilapidated and taken no care of. During night hours, locals have said to experience spooky vibes and chilling sensation while passing through the road beside this building. If you are a horror fanatic, you might like to step into this weird infrastructure that is listed among 5 most haunted places in Darbhanga.

This is the list of 3 most haunted places in Darbhanga. Suit yourself up gentlemen before you take a visit to these spooky locations that would give you chills. Happy Haunting !!