Top 3 Most Haunted Places in Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital city of the Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is the city known for its ancient architectures and a variety of tourist places. Rather than hosting many pleasant sites, the city offers few terrible sight-seeing too. Yes, you got it right. There are many haunted places in Bhopal where reside a throng of otherworldly entities. There are many urban legends and stories derived from real visitors experiences. Well, why not to rest the case here and let yourself decide which of the following haunted places in Bhopal are thou going to visit. Below are the top 3 most haunted locations you should consider visiting alone-

List of Most Haunted places in Bhopal

1. Dow Industrial Complex

haunted places in Bhopal

Remember the disheartening Bhopal Gas Tragedy that took lives of many people? Well, the Dow Industrial complex is associated with the calamity. Well, that accident killed many people and their ghosts are claimed to remain active around that construction. However, the complex is now left in a dilapidated state as nobody cares to peep inside the mournful building.

Talking about the spooky incidents, visitors have heard creepy screams, loud giggles and that of fierce noises during night hours. In addition, few people have also encountered the flaming apparitions, that are believed to be of the innocents killed in the Bhopal gas tragedy. Whatever be the case, the stories firmly suggest us that the deceased are still wandering around the premises of what is to be called the most haunted places in Bhopal.

2. Shivpuri Fort

most haunted places in Bhopal

The latter on this list is an ancient fort. The Shivpuri fort was constructed centuries ago by Vir Khanderao. It is situated in rural shift of Bhopal and is said to be haunted by the spirit of the king itself. Vir was a greedy and selfish king that always looked for his materialistic pleasures. During his reign, the fort was full of dancers and random women, imported from neighbour states. He spent his life with girls, wine and in outer luxury. But it seems he couldn’t finish his desires during his lifetime.

It is believed that the emperor’s soul has not yet achieved eternity and frequents the premises of the Shivpuri fort. The locals claim the king still continues his dance parties on and stays royally with his mistresses. Today, the fort is in a worn state and no one dares to step inside. The environment turns creepy after sunset and residents would recommend you not to enter during the dark night hours. The reason is- “If you see the king’s party, you will live no more.”

3. Bhoot Bangla

most haunted places in Bhopal

Bhoot Bangla aka the ghost house is a very notorious place in Bhopal due to a number of scary stories associated with it. Most of the residents are familiar with this creepy building and would claim it as the most haunted place in Bhopal. Many years ago, few mishaps had taken place here and as a result, the deceased are said to haunt this structure.

There are a number of dark tales interlinked with the Bhoot Bangla. Pedestrians have encountered the laughing sound during the midnight hours. Disembodied apparitions, horrifying noises and feelings of being watched are some of the primary sign you would notice here. In case, you would like to investigate the Bhoot Bangla, feel free to get in touch with the Aggarwal family in the professor’s colony.

This was the list of 3 most haunted places in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. However there are many other haunted locations in the Madhya Pradesh state as well. If you know any other creepy spot in the city or want to put on your queries, feel free to comment down below. Happy Haunting !!!