Haunted Places in Assam that are Super Creepy

Assam is a place famous for natural beauty and cleanliness. It hosts many a tourist places and is known for the variety of natural attractions it hold. But beyond the sky high mountains and waterfalls, there are few haunted places in Assam that are super creepy. Here are the 2 haunted places in Assam that has been the matter of interest for horror fanatic people out there.

Haunted Places in Assam

Mayong Village, Assam

"Mayong" is crafted from a sanskrit word "Maya" that means illusion. Mayong itself is known for its tradition of hosting black magic and rituals. Everyday many people who are applied with black magic visit here to get rid of that. According to urban legends, here exist wizards that transform men into animals through black magic. The skills are transferred from one generation to another and thus, is in a way preserved. If you desire to meet with the mysterious traditions, you may head to the Mayong central Museum to unleash the old practices.

Jatinga Valley, Assam

Jatinga valley is not among the most haunted places in Assam, for the direct reason. Instead, it is remembered for the weird happenings down here. The jatinga valley came into limelight after Dr. E.P.Gee, a famous naturalist made it appear towards the rest of the world. He shown that, during the months of September and October, many migrant birds fly here at full pace, strike with the massive buildings and tall trees and lose their life. This mystery has not been resolved yet. If you are a mystery solver, try your luck in here.

This was the list of haunted places in Assam. If you know any interior spooky places in the state, feel free to connect to us on Facebook. Thanks.