Khanderao Fort- Unleash The Most Haunted Place in Madhya Pradesh

There exists a dilapidated Fort in Shivapuri that is known among the most haunted places in Madhya Pradesh. Once upon a time, this historical construction used to be very lively one. But now, people can’t even dare to pay a visit here in afternoon- leave alone the midnight hours. Locals have reported of hearing anklet noises during night hours that can be heard from a distance.

This 2100 years old royal fort has many mysterious happenings. With the sunset, all the spirits around this fort gathers at the centre. Whoever witnessed this even during midnight hours died under mysterious circumstances. Well, today in this post we are going to tell you about the Khanderao fort and its creepy happenings. So, Get ready to explore the most haunted place in Madhya Pradesh that will give you chills.
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haunted places in Madhya Pradesh- Khanderao Fort

The Khanderao Fort is located near a small village pohri in Shiva Puri. This place was quite anonymous for a long period of time until the media published the ghastly happenings going in there. People who does not believe upon paranormal do also consider this fort a hub of supernatural activities. Previously, a school was used to operate here but it was shut down after children experienced spooky encounters.

This fort belongs to brave Khanderao who organise a grand ceremony with his female dancers every night. In dark, spirits take over the whole construction and if anyone, by mistake stuck inside this forest, they have to compromise their lives. Well, there is a related story behind existence of numerous souls inside this fort.

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According to rural legends, centuries ago this place was the residence of Khanderao but post his death, no family could ever live there. It is believed that, a family when decided to occupy this fort, the ladies were possessed by evil ghouls. They were treated later through black magic. Few residents claims of a treasure that is being protected by a crowd of ghosts. But, the truth is still unveiled and the khanderao fort is waiting for one who frees it from possession.