Haunted Rose Public School in Darbhanga, Bihar- Rumour or Real Mystery ?

Rose Public School is one of the prominent and quality education providers in Darbhanga. It was established one and a half decade ago and today, it is known for its great infrastructure, large campus and outstanding results providers around the city. 

There are a lot of things that would make you think about the Guardian’s paradise but, there is something for the horror buffs and story lovers to catch for. The connection of school with scare stuff may seem a bit surprising but that’s the rumoured truth. Well, the school has a haunted section and during dark hours, creatures from the world next door step inside to keep their mystery unleashed. Okay then, let the facts talk and reveal us the dark side of the world that is more creepy as the night arrives.

haunted Rose public school in darbhanga, bihar

Presently, the Rose Public school is said to have three separate buildings inside its compound. The first one near the main entrance door has a book stall and the upper store has classes for the higher standards. The second building near the back entrance door has an upper floor and the third building is multi-storey and looks fascinating among three. The school provides a hostel facility and the hostel is built on the first floor of the second building. And there it takes a creepy turn.

The only floor of the second building was made by the school governance years after its opening. The ground floor was already built by the “Darbhanga King” before the “Ranjans” took it over. After you enter the second building, you would find a gigantic wooden door opens in the main hall. The rooms were structured later into small classrooms and the library section would give you the feel of a royal room.
ground floor of this building is haunted

Well, after stepping in the main hall, you can easily point out the stage a height above the floor. It is rumoured that, the podium was previously a gallows stage where the criminals were hanged to death. During Darbhanga king’s dynasty, accused who were found guilty in nasty crimes were sentenced to death and it is believed that this was the place where they were kept before death and hanged on the pre decided dates.

When you would take a look at the structure of the prime building, you would be amazed to see a zigzag crypt built all over the ground floor. The believers would say, it was used to keep corpse and criminals in a peculiar environment. There are a lot of incidents that the hostler kids had suffered in the past and we would name few of these.

During dark night hours, there take place a lot of scary incidents to freak out the bravest soul of a children. The hostel keeps children upto class 10th and many of them have their story to narrate. One of the children speaks about how he saw a white apparition in the generator room while he was returning from mess at 10 PM while the other speaks about his fear from unknown vibes spread throughout the hostel.

Darbhanga king whose building is took over to construct the Rose Public School

In the late silent hours, hostler kids have claimed to hear creepy noises beneath their floor like, sound of footsteps, noise of felling of desks and murmuring voice all those hours. An additive element to the spookiness is a peon shamim whose elder brother committed suicide by the application of a gun whose soul is said to still wander in the premises. The creepy list of heart throbbing incidents continue to happen in its own pattern.

In the north direction of the hostel, there is the school’s office and also, few swinging scales set up for the children’s facility. The swing bench is visible from the hostel’s window and it is said to swing on some weird night, producing chills around the kids’ bones. Years ago, the kid of the nearby hospital owner had died in a bus accident and seems he too has joined the gang of hideous creatures in here. It is similar to creepy ghosts at top haunted places in Rajasthan where you can encounter evil.

Well, this is all upon belief- truth or rumour has its own definitions. But what would you call the disturbing noise of benches during late night hours when there is windows and grills setup? How exactly would you explain the swinging of hammock in the night of low airflow? And why exactly you think Shamim keeps murmuring when he is all alone? There are very few people, gifted soul who can encounter spirits in their real lives, only until those soul want you to see them. All in all, from what the facts suggests, the Rose Public school seems out to be a haunted place in Darbhanga, Bihar you would surely like to take a night visit in. May be you find some fierce horrible soul who was hanged to death a century earlier. Suit yourself up, gentlemen.

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Haunted Rose Public School in Darbhanga, Bihar- Rumour or Real Mystery ?
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