A Dark Halloween Night Horrible Tale

It was a dark Night. Darkness allured all the negative creatures lurking around. It could afraid the bravest but not him, the lonely man who was on his way back to home after working a long 8 hours call.

Raju is a 23 years old young boy who travels 3 hours to reach his workplace. He is from a village, Tomb Sin, that would mean as creepy as he himself. Due to hours of hard physical work embedded with mental stress and lack of nutrition, he looks like a 40 years old man. His skin has wrinkled, bones feel as obvious as the appearance of sun in a blue sky and his cheeks has popped within to meet the inner jaw. Well, after so much hardship, he has one and only desire and that is to, work hard and keep his family alive.

Family constitutes members together and give all of them a goal... an aim to work together and shift to the above gear, to a better living. But, Raju was living for his grand mother. A well grown old lady that is swinging between life and death and everyday, her desire to accompany her grandson seems to keep her alive. They have a hut to the another side of river that crosses through a dense forest. A forest where the villagers would burn their deceased or, bury them.

That is a regular part of Raju's life. His train would arrive to that station just before the midnight and he would cross the forest, swim down the river and reach the hut where his grandmother awaited her.

But, that was a dark night, dark enough for the hands to get access to each other. Raju kept wandering and lost his way. He was not afraid for the forest did not host any wild creature. There were many a ghost tale about that dense trees but he never believed them. After an hour of wandering, he chose to take rest on a tree and leave this forest next morning. He soon fell asleep.

A dark halloween night- scary tale

It was a halloween night.... nights where the evil creatures become powerful enough to bestow a treasure of wish to their followers and, fetch out the lives of the non believers. During such a night, everything sparked in a moment and wind blew out of nowhere. In between thunderstorms, Raju was able to see a thick banyan tree flying to his direction. The next moment, as the tree came closer, he saw an old lady with thick nails sitting on that tree. She got off and started digging the soil. The very next minute, she had hold corpse of a young beautiful girl.

"Ah! months of possession and now you are mine. I take your soul today and also the glitter of your fresh skin, for how old I have been."- murmured the witch.

Soon she began to enchant few lines that possibly were to plead the Satan. Raju was frightened deep inside and was careful enough to hide inside a dense branch of the mango tree he was upon.

Few minutes later, the corpse was alive. She stood up, her eyes looked red blood and hideous.

"Tonight I will give your soul to satan and receive a gift of boundless beauty and youth. Lay down"- commanded the ferocious woman.

She followed the orders as her soul was hypnotised. The witch closed her eyes, on the way to completion ceremony.

Raju, who was spectating this scenario had an idea of saving this girl. He had heard from her grandmother who once told her a story in which a prince saves her princess from a witch. The story concluded how the prince looked behind while running and later was killed by that witch. But, Raju had all the plans in his mind. He slowly got down the tree, moved towards the living corpse and lifted it on his shoulder and started running towards his destination.

Within a moment, the witch realised the incident and got furious. She was so anguish that her face turned black and her nails dropped off. She started screaming on Raju to leave the girl and she would let him go alive. Raju did not stop. Neither did he looked behind. The hideous witch tried to allure him with so many physical glow but it seemed he turned deaf for that moment.

That day, he had swim that river faster than any other day. Very soon he reached his house, put that girl on his bed and started to treat him from the Ayurvedic medicines he had. It took him 5 hours to bring that girl back to the consciousness. He was so enchanted that he did not care his grandmother was not home.

Few hours later, one of the woodcutter started screaming and called the villagers to that creepy, evil jungle. Out of curiosity, Raju told the girl to rest and left for the forest to unleash the amazement.

His grandmother stayed there, beneath a very thick unrooted banyan tree. Her face was black and nails tore apart.