Gaurav Tiwari's Death under mysterious Circumstances- Possession or Science?

Recently, we have got the shocking news of Gaurav Tiwari's death. Mr. Tiwari was a prominent paranormal researcher and also, the founder of Indian paranormal society. His death has put forward a never ending war between the existence of ghosts in this world.

Gaurav has a team of ghost hunters who usually investigate the rumored haunted places. He believes in revealing the mystery behind haunted places and thus, clearing off the misconceptions people have acquired so long. He and his team has spend many nights at different spooky locations, figuring out reality of the different spooky spots.

Few months back, he went for a ghost hunting program that unfortunately turned out to be his last ever inspection. After he returned back, he complained for some unknown force calling him in. He felt as if someone is calling him to their mysterious world. These were possibly few warning signs that her wife did not take seriously. Minutes before his death, he screamed hard in his bathroom and expired away. Currently the police is detecting for the possible cause behind his death.

In addition, this incident has put a question mark on the role of untrained professionals in this field. For those who believe in spirits, this is a very sensitive work sector and can lead you to death as well. Today, Gaurav Tiwari is no more but he has gave a lesson to many youngsters who visit these spooky locations without any prior protection. May his soul Rest in peace.