Creepy Incidents Living In a Haunted Military Base in India

I live at a Military Base in India where we handle incoming of electricity and water plus its distribution to entire base. From past 2–3 month every day something is going wrong and someone is getting hurt. No matter how hard we are trying to stay safe.

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Here are following series of Incidents we faced living in the haunted building.
  •  We planned to clean the underground sump and had to pump out the water. We bought 2 new pumps and both of them failed to pump the water out but they worked perfectly on the next day at a different location.
  •  Next morning we tried to remove water manually and as we reached stairs, both the stairs broke one by one injuring two people.
  •  Next day there was a power failure and we were trying to start generator and in the process I got my hand burned though there are proper insulators all around.
  •  Next day a fight broke out between quarter members and our staffs, both were injured.
  •  From that time power transmission is failing, HRCs are rupturing at very low voltage, flow control valves are failing, and motors are getting jammed.
  •  One day we decided to clean overhead tank its 120 ft. tall, so after going 50 ft 3 people young as 22, 21, 25, started complaining of feeling dizzy and vomiting. They left and never came back. Though 4 of us did finish the JOB and nothing happened to us.
  •  Every other day we find birds hitting HV cable and dying.
  •  In every 3–4 day a staff member or any one inside the pump house is getting hurt and bleeding or is electrocuted.
  •  Yesterday a kid fall and his fore was opened up, he got 8 stitches. While caring him to hospital ambulance also met with minor accident.
  •  Today again a civilian driver was hurt while unloading fence. A small part of his little finger is gone.

People often complained about sighting figures at night, I am intentionally on night duty yet I dint see anything or any presence. Night are colder though than regular, may be because of rain. Some say it must be because of black magic done to this house, some say it must be haunted as once it was a graveyard, around 250 years back.
Now stein carbines are issued to be kept with us at night due to various claims of sighting by quarters, we are yet to find anything.
Now we are taking extra precaution to avoid any accident.
Note: We had a German Shepard retired from dog unit as he lost his one leg in an explosion. I saw him yesterday night at around 2 am, morning at 8 am we found his lifeless body inside transformer fence which is 600m away. He was not electrocuted though his eyes were open. Some staff member have now started believing that something is wrong with the place and are demanding transfer. Two of them are on leave.
We two of us were on duty yesterday and neither of us hear any sound or observed any weird presence. We are still looking for figures are claimed by others.