A night In The Haunted Morgan House- Creepy Confession

This happened many years ago, and reading some of the answers on this thread I realised very less people actually report apparitions and sights that you can swear were there right in front of you yet somehow intangible.

For those of you from Bengal, you must have heard loads of ghost stories from up the hills be it Darjeeling, Kurseung or Kalimpong. The foggy mountain tops and the dark damn forests surrounding these areas give it an unspeakable eerie touch. The hills are home to many old schools and colonial institutions. 
The story I'm going to narrate is of my Mama (Mother's Brother). My Mama had always had a thing for the paranormal and the occult. Having had his unsuccessful attempts with the Ouija board and numerous plainchant sessions, he and his 2 friends planned a small weekend trip to Kalimpong. Their stay- The infamous MORGAN HOUSE!
Stories of haunted Morgan house

The Morgan House remained a dilapidated reminder of British Colonialism for the greater part of the 20th Century after Independence. Until some years back, it was renovated and placed under the care of West Bengal Tourism Board, making it the official Government hotel in Kalimpong. With a colonial aura and a Himalayan landscape just outside the house attracts so many tourists that the House is booked all year long!
Coming back to the story
Speaking just to the point Morgan House is an Aristocratic Victorian Villa with two floors and stone built. My Mama and his friends returned late one evening after having dinner outside around 9 PM which is pretty late as all shops close down in the hills by that time. Before entering the Lobby, the two friends insisted they light a cigarette first and then go off to sleep, at this point all 3 were tired with all the travelling and the thought of going ghost hunting had completely been forgotten. My mama was a nonsmoker so he urged both of them to finish both their fags and meet him upstairs in the room. He was dead tired and his legs wouldn't stand one more bit.
He climbed up the stairs to the first floor, the hotel was packed every single room had been occupied, yet there was an eerie silence on the first floor, as if all the people had fallen asleep and a feeling that it was very late at night crept up my mama’s mind. He glanced at his watch it was 10.
He glanced at his watch while watching down the corridor towards his room and looking back up him saw it. At the extreme end of the corridor was a table and beside it was an apparition. In his exact words “White as milk, the ghost of a woman and by the looks she was unmistakably Caucasian and not Indian". The apparition stared at him for what seemed like an eternity to him, unable to speak or move he stood frozen, he mentioned that her eyes looked glassy and almost real, but nothing vengeful or terrifying, the apparition quickly dissipated like smoke, yes smoke as he said it.
That was it he woke the next morning with a whopping fever of 103 C, his two friends found him fainted in that very same spot. The fever lasted for 4 days for which they had to extend their stay (at another hotel obviously). The story is just out of the books and to this date my maternal uncle claims it was all worth it.
Now the common folklore of the Morgan house is that. Somewhere during the 19th Century, the house was built by a British Tea-planter by the name of one Mr. Morgan. Built and lived in only by him and his wife Mrs. Morgan. Just sometime before its abandonment, Mrs. Morgan died an unnatural and early death, leaving just Mr. Morgan to live there for years to follow after which either Mr. Morgan died or moved back to Britain. But the spirit of his wife (Memsahib, as the local there say). Her moans and shrieks are the most common way she appears, the sound of footsteps and also a notorious incident where someone saw her apparition in the bathroom mirror!
On telling his story back in the city, he was told it was none other than the "memsahib" who apparently is still latched to the house and gives frequent visits and thrills to the guests. Whatever it is you can find the Morgan house on every list of Haunted houses in India.