My Creepy Experience Of Living In The Haunted House

We have lived in eight homes in our married life.  I suspect that one had a ghost, and I am convinced that another one did.  Prior to my personal experiences, I won't say that I didn't believe in ghosts, but I maintained a healthy skepticism.

The first house that may have been haunted, the sixth one we lived in, a woman died rather suddenly of cancer in the home.  She was young, probably md-40s when she died.  She, her husband and her children had lived in the home for about a decade.  She died a year or two before we purchased the home from her husband.  We did not tell the children about her dying in the house, as we didn't want to freak them out.  As far as I know none of the neighbors ever said anything to them either, as I'm sure the kids would have told me.

living in the haunted house

From the time we moved in, two of my three children did not like to go into the master bedroom, particularly at night.  They would turn on the hall light, reach their hands in to turn on the room light before stepping in, etc.  I remember one time I asked my daughter to put something away in my room for me, something I'd asked many times before in other houses and she'd complied without issue.  But this time she squirmed and asked me if I would do it because she really didn't want to go into my bedroom at night because it creeped her out that badly.  The kids' fear struck me as odd as they had never felt that way about any other room in any other house we'd lived in.  I mentioned their aversion to my husband and said, "I would really think it was strange if that woman died in our bedroom."  "She did," he replied.  "No," I said, "She died in the boys' bedroom," (which was the guest room).  But it turns out she did indeed die in our bedroom.  I never noticed her presence in any other way, except very faintly in the master bedroom on occasion, but that very well could have been my imagination just thinking about the kids' reactions in the back of my mind.  She didn't seem friendly or hostile, just there.  Maybe a little sad.

The next house we moved into is the one I am convinced had a ghost.  It belonged to a couple who had lived there for 40 years.  The wife died and a couple years later the husband could no longer live alone so he moved in with his daughter.  It's at that time we purchased the house.  I was able to spend some time with the daughter, who told me about her mother.  She was a good and loving mother, and a fun-loving woman who loved to socialize,  They had lots of parties and the house was always filled with laughter and fun.

The wife loved the color blue and blue was by far the predominant color in the house.  I like blue, but not to decorate with, so I set about changing the color scheme.  But for some reason, over the course of the 18 months we lived there, the house slowly turned blue again.  Prior to that I'd never had a blue room, even as a secondary color.  I gravitate towards greens, brick reds, golds, etc.  But one day I looked around and realized, almost every room in the house was either neutral, a green-blue, or blue.  That is the only house before or since that I decorated any rooms in blue.

I guess she felt a particular affinity for me, as the woman of the house, because none of my family ever felt her presence.  Usually it was just a feeling that she was hovering around, happy for my company and that I was getting her beloved house back into shape after years of neglect.  Sometimes she liked to pull little pranks on me, mostly little things like items dropping off of a counter when I know they were no where near the edge, or items lost then found again in unusual places.  I have a bad memory so I can't remember most of them, but I remember they happened frequently enough that when I had reason to correspond with her daughter again, I asked her if her mother was a prankster.  "Yes!" She replied, "My mother loved practical jokes and was always playing them."

The first time I felt strongly (I'd suspected but not given it much thought before), "Wow, I think this lady's ghost is here," I was sitting on the couch around midnight, working on my computer.  My husband was away on a business trip and my kids were sleeping.  This house has one of those intercom systems where you can speak to people in other rooms, talk to whoever is at the door, and listen to the radio.  We kept the radio tuned to an FM country music station.  Well, as I sat on the couch, the radio suddenly blared on and it was tuned to an AM Spanish radio station. 

I enjoyed her presence.  I didn't actively seek it but I got the feeling that she approved of me and our family and the life we breathed back in the house with our own hustle and bustle and parties.  When I pictured her, it was always with a mischievous grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye, like she wished she could engage me in conversation but couldn't, so interacted to the best of her ability.  I think she got a big kick out of her little jokes.

She was not so happy when my husband got transferred and we had to pack up to leave.  We'd planned to be there for many years and I think she was counting on that, too.  The night before the movers came, the children were staying with their grandma so just my husband and I were home.  Everything was packed up, the refrigerator emptied and cleaned, etc.  I decided to run a bath.  I started the bath water then got distracted.  Several minutes later, I thought, "Oh my goodness, the tub is going to overflow!"  I rushed in there to find that the bath water had been turned off.  The water level was low like it had only been run briefly.  I went to the other end of the house, where my husband was watching TV, to ask him if he'd turned off my bath water.  He told me he hadn't moved.  I felt crept out.  She'd never done anything that obvious, and this time it didn't seem to be in good fun, but more like she was letting her displeasure be known.  Not angry insomuch as resentful.  As I walked back towards the bedrooms, I heard water running.  Yep, the water was running into the bathtub again.

As I mentioned, the former lady of the house loved blue.  After I was done with my bath, I worked on my computer for awhile, still feeling weird about the whole bath incident.  I heard something drop in the kitchen and went to investigate.  Sitting on the floor in the middle of the kitchen was a blue plastic ice pack, the kind you keep in the freezer to use in coolers.  I'd cleaned out the freezer but left it in there to keep some items cool on our long drive the next day.  It was literally the only blue thing left in the house that wasn't packed up, and somehow it had gotten from a shelf in the freezer to the middle of the kitchen floor.  Again I asked my husband and again he said he hadn't moved from in front of the TV.  My husband is not at all the practical joker type, and now he was pretty freaked out by the situation, too.  That was the last we heard of her.

Now we are back to living in a non-haunted house.  I have to say, I miss her a little, and hope she is enjoying the new family.