5 Most haunted places in Noida that would make you scream

most haunted places in Noida

A city that surrounds Delhi, the capital of Indian subcontinent is known for industrial appearances. Although you would find no attraction to find in this location, the Delhi-NCR area is notorious due to the presence of deadly spirits. In this article, we would take you to a virtual journey of top 5 most haunted places in Noida that would make you scream out of fear. Check out this article and if you are not a coward, you might opt to check in one of these spots that are extremely spooky.

Phoenix Shoe Factory

haunted phoenix shoe factory in Noida

Earlier an earning source for thousands of poor women, the Phoenix shoe factory was a helping hand to those who couldn’t run their family. According to reports, about 2000 women worked there on a regular basis. Everything would have continued in a smooth manner if a major fire wouldn’t had taken place. In that massive fire, more than 200 women including infants were burned to death. Since then it is believed that tender screams of deceased are being heard here. To get rid of the paranormal, the management applied many renovations to the building but things did not change. At last, the management had to shut down few rooms that faces extreme otherworldly occurrences. It is also to be noted that the Phoenix shoe factory is spooked by their vindictive soul and is known as one of top haunted places in Noida.

Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad

haunted house Kavi nagar ghaziabad noida

A creepy home, known to be among real haunted places in Noida has a real dark history. According to locals, the KC-19 bungalow faced invaders who killed the residing family in a grisly manner. The house’s walls got filled with quanta of blood and its stain could not be removed till date. After the brutal murders, seems like the living spirits have no mood to unoccupy the house. During strange night hours, screams of children can be heard coming from the house. Also, the mystic apparitions of lady were seen by the trespassing people. The best time to take a horror visit to this haunted house in Noida is during silent night hours where the supernatural entities remain active.

HCL, N3 Building

haunted hcl building noida

Located in Noida, the HCL corner of the N3 building is known as a true spooky location of the town.  For a number of otherworldly incidents going over here, it is the repugnant ghost of a couple who were said to have died near the structure. Visitors have complained to encounter the apparitions during evening hours including disembodied push and gentle touch on back. Some women have complained to spectate blood soaked from the walls in the loo. Overall, the building is known to face a series of ghostly activities and also, the most haunted place in Noida.

Khooni Darwaza

most haunted places in Noida

After William Hudson Killed 3 sons of Bhadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor to capture his throne, their soul wanders around the structure. Visitors have seen blood dripping from the ceiling during monsoon. During midnight, trespassers have complained to listen weird screams at Khooni Darwaza. It is advised strictly not to visit Khooni Darwaza alone during late night hours due to the presence of  revengeful ghosts of three prince.

Lothian Cemetery

most haunted places in Noida

Located in Delhi around Noida, the oldest cemetery was given shape to bury Englishmen who died during 1857 revolt. It is believed that the cadavers didn’t get eternity due to untimely death and are said to roam around the walls of the graveyard. Among few creepy spirits at the construction is the headless ghost of General Nicholson whose apparition can often be seen during night hours. Also, the ghoul of few English soldiers was said to produce various disturbing activities in this section. Talking about the visitors experience, people have encountered the mysterious figure of a ghost women sitting on a tree nearby. Also, scary outcries and appearance of hazy shadows make this place one of some real haunted places in Noida that would make you scream.