Top 10 Lord Shiva Statues that Would Make You Realize About His Supremacy

Lord Shiva Statues

In Hindu methodology, there are imagined three supreme powers. The theory of constructive power proceeds well with the rearing concept and ends with destruction. Likewise, the ancient sculpture have mentioned the facts about the existence of three prime deity that are given the powers to accomplish the three certain processes in order to control this world. Lord Brahma, that emerged from the navel of God Vishnu, is known as the creator of the whole universe. God Vishnu was given the power of upbringing the nature. After the powers were shifted, the increased population became a matter to worry for the supreme God and hence, he employed Lord Shiva on the destruction of the nature.

If you flip the pages of ancient Hindu texts, you would find that Lord Shiva has a terrible physical appearance. A person with hard cockscomb of hairs and enlarged mane looks absolute disturbing. As described in Veds, Lord Shiva is said to sit on tigers skin, sports a three mouthed weapon and balms ash from burnt corpse. Though all his posture and attire matches a creepy environment of destruction, Lord Shiva is known to have a heart of gold. Ever since the evolution, history witnesses his tender nature towards his devotees. Whoever pleased Lord Shiva became a mighty person and achieved whatever they had wished. Well, today we are listing 10 Lord Shiva Statues that would make you realize about his supremacy. All the Statues are different and have hidden character of Lord Shiva, the almighty within it. To all Shiva votaries, take a look at these Lord Shiva statues and understand his realism.

The Sitting statue of Lord Shiva at Omkareshwar

Lord Shiva statue at Omkareshwar

The Omkareshwar temple is located in the Khandwa district of Madhya pradesh India and is known among 12 holy Shiva Jyotirlings. If you take a visit to the temple, you would notice a huge Lord Shiva statue. This sitting statue is said to be 26 meters high and thousand kilograms heavy. The full moonlight nights view here is incredible and devotees feel a positive vibe coming out of their body. While you can confer River Narmada's pure water to the Shivlinga, this place remains much crowded during saavan.

The Lord Shiva Statue in Karnataka

Lord Shiva statue in Karnataka

Located in the Bijapur area of Karnataka, the Shivagiri statue at shivapur is 85 feet up from ground. This Lord shiva's statue looks serene and the almighty is posed sitting in an attention form. This form is however required to explore your inner soul and thus, it has a great importance for Shiva devotees over the Karnataka state.

The Standing statue of Lord Shiva at Haridwar

Lord Shiva statue in Haridwar

Hardiwar holds an important place in Hindu mythology. If we break the word, it itself give the meaning "the gate to Lord Vishnu(Hari)". In ancient times, there is an incident where Lord Shiva assured the devotees to protect Haridwar and also, if a person worship the Mahakaal with pure devotion after taking a bath at the "Har ki Pauri", he will achieve Shivalok after death. Here you can take a glimpse of 30 meters tall statue of Lord shiva, that is in a standing position. The statue looks enormous and you may sense a mystic vibe if you look at this during deserted hours.

The Tallest Shiva statue in the World, Sanga

Tallest Lord Shiva statue in the world

People who are aware of God Shiva, know that he remains active around the Mountain Kailash, a mountain in the Himalayan range. Filled with greenery and snow all around, here you might feel extreme privileged to confront a mighty statue of Lord shiva in a standing posture. Known as the Kailashnath Mahadev, this statue is 144 feet tall and is counted as the tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. This place is situated in Sanga of Bhaktapur district in Nepal and every Lord Shiva devotee would surely take a visit to check this out.

The Yogic Shiva Statue at Jabalpur

Lord Shiva statue in uttar pradesh

The prime deity with four hands, sitting in a Yoga posture is undoubtedly soothing and alluring. Located in Uttarpradesh, you would find one of the tallest Lord Shiva's statue in a sitting posture. If you take a close view at the effigy, you would find the 76 feet high statue offers a mesmerizing look. Normally this place is crowded by the adorers round the clock but the evening time is considered best to spectate this mystic beauty.

Murudeshwar Statue in Karnataka

Murudeshwar Lord Shiva statue in Karnataka

Located near the Bhatkal Taluk in Karnataka, The Murudeshwar statue is the tallest Statue of Lord shiva in India. It is established near the Arabian coast and you may take a amazing feel when you look at the soaring ocean behind the giant statue. With a height of 123 feet, it is the second tallest statue of Lord shiva in India. This place is often frequented by the disciples of the Destroyer and you would absolutely love to peep in to get blessings for your betterment, in case you are in Karnataka.

The Dancing Statue of Lord Shiva in Geneva

Natraj statue in Geneva

The Dancing Shiva, also known as the Natraj is of the form when the destroyer got furious over the death of Goddess Sati, his better half. After this, he began to dance to destroy the whole universe. With his each landing step, a part of nature suppressed into tiny particles way down. Such a Natraj statue was unveiled at CERN, the European center of research of physics in Switzerland in 2004.  The dancing statue is of much importance in every art lover and for people who are true follower of Lord Shiva. If you are Shivabhakts and worship the Lord, you would surely like to have a dancing statue of Lord Shiva, a sign of art and glory.

The Kemp Fort Shiva statue at Bangalore

Lord Shiva statue in Bangalore

Located in the Bangalore city, the Shiva statue at Kemp Fort is counted among top 10 tallest Lord Shiva Statue in the world. Here, you would find the 65 feet tall Lord Shiva in a sitting pose. The statue is well decorated and consists many small lord Shiva art in a rainbow style behind the huge effigy. For people out there in Bangalore, it would feel magnificent to take a visit to this statue in such a nice weather of the city. 

The Ardhnarishwar statue of Lord Shiva in Johannesburg 

Ardhnarishwar Lord Shiva statue in South AfricaLocated in Johannesburg, South Africa there stands an enormous still of the Almighty. Lord Shiva reside here in the Ardhnarishwar form. In Hindi, Ardhnarishwar means a structure that is half man and half woman. To attain this form is to spread the importance of woman in our society. Because the Goddess Parvati is considered a form of power, Lord Shiva is united with her another half. This statue is one of the tallest statue in the world and shows the Hindu conviction in South Africa.

Lord Shiva statue in Tamil Nadu

Lord Shiva Statue in Tamil Nadu

30 Kms away from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, there exist a Yogic Temple Dhyanalinga which is famous for providing an eternal atmosphere for Yoga. Except from housing Shiva lingas and religious sculptures, the temple consists of a Lord Shiva statue. If you take a close look at the Statue, you'd find that in this statue, Lord Shiva's body is built above the waist. With a cut moon decorated on its head, this statue features mental peace and calming environment that would make you realize about his supremacy.