Top 10 Most Haunted Houses in India For a Fearful Night Stay

Haunted houses, dilapidated buildings and creepy forts usually have a history associated with them. Nobody really know what kind of people lived there before and what actually happened with them. 

But, this is a spirit world where the "paranormal" sticks everywhere an unusual incident happens. People rent and buy their home, check their physical appearance but how exactly one can check the invisible inside its walls? In this post we are talking about some of the absolute haunted houses in India that have crept the locals with its paranormal factor. This list include places from a dilapidated mansion to a hard-to-believe haunted house. While most of residents feel terrified to take a walk down these scary houses, a gutsy in you would like to have a coffee inside those worn mansions.

Haunted House at GP Block, Meerut

haunted houses in india

Located at the renowned city of Uttar Pradesh, there exist a haunted house that is known for paranormal incidents that are absolute heart-cleaver. It is believed that this haunted house in Meerut is possessed by four dire spirits of friends who used to live here. According to locals, it was pretty normal when they saw four people in this spooky mansion but it made them awestruck when they peeped in the house and it was all vacant. People have also reported of seeing a woman coming out of this house in red and is believed to be the fifth ghost in addition. Talking about some ghostly experiences to offer, trespassers experience apparitions and giggles at late night hours while the house remains vacant round the clock. If you are a meerut resident, you would surely like to save an hour from your day and visit this one of the most haunted houses in India.

Haunted House at the Residency Road, Pune

haunted houses in india

Among many other scary locations in Pune, there is listed a haunted house where an evil soul reside.  Situated on the Residency road, the Mansion offers many ghastly events that a spook lover in you would love to experience but, it is hard for the locals to pass through the building in dark. So, the story behind this ramshackle construction has the ghost of an “old lady” in the prime negative shade. Residents have reported to listen creepy noises, loud giggles and scary screams during midnight hours. Presence of mystic apparition in the middle of the road make people not to pass through road leading to the Mansion, one of the most haunted houses in India.

Haunted House in Greater Kailash, Delhi

haunted houses in india

If you walk to an address named House Number W3 in greater kailash, you would come to acknowledge a shabby mansion in front of you. In the first look, it may not seem a hideous location but you won’t believe on it anymore after spending a night over here. Years ago, here lived an old couple with contentment until few stalkers got in their house and brutally murdered them on being opposed to loot. They died but the house seems in no mood to get rid of its caring inhabitants. Visitors have complained to listen whispers, screams and giggles during late night hours. We had an update of auctioning this house but nobody is ready to risk its creepiness on them. If you are a delhi resident, you would like to test your bravery by peeping in one of the real haunted houses in India.

Haunted Vas Villa, Bangalore

haunted houses in india

On the land of technology, a phenomenon associated with dark rolls the whole environment and thus, the believers. Here we are talking about one of the most haunted houses in India that is notorious due to presence of a christian spirit. Counted among the most haunted places in Bangalore, the vas villa originally belonged to two sisters Vera and Dolce waz. The original mansion was named Terra verra and it offered a jovial surrounding to its resident until a gruesome incident took place here. One night Dolce Vaz was murdered by unknown intruder in the presence of her sister. Later, she was cremated inside this very house. Since then many otherworldly activities began to haunt this house. Scary screams, mysterious apparitions and disembodied voices make visitors feel the presence of ghost inside the mansion. Currently this mansion is deserted and is looking for someone valiant to peep and dare to live within. Are you courageous enough ?

Haunted Malcha Mahal, Delhi

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The another haunted house in this list is actually a spooky palace from Delhi. This dilapidated building was constructed at the time of Tughlaq and was latter transferred to the neighbour dynasty. The whole area is filled with graves of emperor’s queen and their children. It is believed that this grand house is filled with treasures all around and to check it out, few people went inside. They dug up the graves and burnt the bodies. Later on they were found missing. Also, people found no trace of few reporters that went inside to investigate this place. Though we have no news of a ghost sighting but, one faces the paranormal action once they disturb the resting soul. During night hours, this ruin looks extremely creepy and you would be afraid to visit the haunted Malcha Mahal in Delhi.

Scary KC 19 House, Ghaziabad

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Located near Noida, the haunted KC 19 House has the remains of souls who faced enough brutality in their lifetime. Old tale says, here lived two family who were ferociously chopped to death and their revengeful spirit wanders all around the construction. Sources said that, there remains permanent bloodstains on the walls of this haunted house and with all of people’s efforts, it could not be removed. Among the evident ghouls, one can easily experience the apparitions of children’s ghost inside the mansion. During night hours, people have claimed to hear loud screams and sobs coming out from this one of the most haunted houses in India. Also, due to its extreme spookiness, this haunted house is also listed in the top haunted places in Noida.

Haunted House, Chennai

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Located on Dr. Ambedkar Road, there lies a haunted house that is defamed due to the presence of an evil soul of a girl. This is the spirit of house owner’s girl that committed suicide due to a personal reason. After her death, she did not care to enter afterlife and began to haunt her residence. This spirit caused enough disturbance to make her parents leave that place. This haunted house remained vacant for ten years until a couple rented the home. After they rented it, the ghoul demonically possessed them and made them leave this place. Today this mansion is known as one of the most haunted houses in India. During midnight hours, neighbours have complained of hearing girls sob. Some trespassers have acknowledged the entrance gate gets opened whenever one passes by, offering them for a visit. Due to a series of dread incidents, this is known as one of the most haunted places in Chennai.

Haunted D’Mello House, Goa

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The haunted D’mello house is located in Santemol and is known as one of the most haunted places in Goa. Years ago, here lived two brothers and their family who began a dispute over division of the house that was their ancestral property. The dispute turned violent and one brother cut another in death. Since then, this place turn spooky and visitors began to notice grisly events like breaking of glass, growls and loud laughter during night hours. Out to its spook factor, no one is ready to buy this one of the real haunted houses in India. Also, this place is vacant from decades and if you are interested, you may acquire permissions to investigate this scary mansion.

Haunted Bonacaud Bunglow, Kerala

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Located in Trivandrum, this vintage styled bunglow is known as one of the real haunted locations in Kerala. The british styled mansion is said to house a young’s soul who died from illness. If you take a visit to the haunted Bonacaud bunglow in kerala, you would find its ruins filled with creepiness. Broken doors, glass and disembodied voices signal visitors towards the paranormal hidden within the house. During night hours, trespassers have complained of seeing the young’s ghost around the campus of this so known most haunted house in India.

Nasserwanj Wadi, Mumbai

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Wadi is a marathi word for a home. In a similar manner, Nasserwanj Wadi was the home of Nasser, a parasi landlord who used to live here. It was a black day for the landlord when he was brutally burnt in a cabin near the well inside the premises of Nasserwanj Wadi. Since then, many creepy incidents started taking place here. Scary noises, mystic apparitions and heart wrenching screams are often being heard during dark hours here. 
Locals believe that whoever tries to come in between the Nasser and his property gets possessed by the spirit and thus, this horrifying house made its mark among most haunted places in Mumbai you can take a visit if you are a Mumbai wala.