Haunted Stories of World's 10 Scary Places To Creep You Out

haunted stories of scary places
“Paranormal” is a word that has created a spark in almost all of our soul. A deep urge to know this term thoroughly allures us towards a world of mysteries. 

There are many ambiguities in this world that are still unexplained by science. In this post we will talk about some scary places and their haunted stories that will thrill you to death. Each of these places are reported to hold dire incidents and are believed to be hideous since ages. This list include different locations and various ghosts that have created stories in themselves and can be credited to turn those spots absolutely haunted. If you are a brave soul, if you truly are, you would definitely like to take a visit at some of these spots in dark. Wonder why ? Because days escalate us human and night encourages dark spirits. While you make a mood to peep in some of these places, we will tell you their haunted stories to clear out how dangerous these venue are.

Haunted stories of the Kuldhara, Rajasthan

haunted stories of Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara is a spooky village in Rajasthan that is known for its disturbing history and mysterious environment you’d find here. Today, this village is completely deserted but there is a reason behind turning the Kuldhara into an abandoned haunted location. Well, the story goes like once upon a time, a communicable disease ceased few children’s lives. After that, the ghost of those infants demonically possessed their relatives and in the same manner, most of the villagers died. Since then, nobody lives here. It is also believed that there is a God’s curse on this village that makes it one of some absolutely spooky places in Rajasthan.

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

haunted stories of scary places

Located in Norphauk region of England, the Raynham hall is known as the house of absolute bizarre incidents. Eight decades ago, In 1936, a photographer had caught a mystic apparition while filming this location. Later when the reel was developed, a lady was seen wearing brown coloured dress whilst the mansion was vacant. It is said that, this is the ghost of Lady Dorothy, the second wife of Charles Townshend. Mrs. Charles was a sexaholic person and often entertained herself from  other people offering physical pleasures. Later, when her affairs became apparent, she was forcefully bolted in a room of this mansion. Months later, the lady died out of starvation and guilt. Talking about people who had seen her ghost,  there is George V who had also claimed to see her dire apparition. Since then, there are many people who encountered her spirit in Brown. The Brown lady of the abandoned Raynham hall and its haunted stories were published in a column of “Life Magazine”.

Haunted Stories of the Bachelor Grove Cemetery

haunted stories of scary places

The Bachelor grove cemetery is known for the hub of supernatural phenomenon, its ghosts and other creepy happenings. The scary graveyard at Chicago was closed down a day when the staff of the cemetery experienced of otherworldly vibes on there. Scary screams during mid night hours and the harsh bangs on the door often creeped us out, a former worker said. Till date, there are many ghost hunts conducted over here. In 1999 during the ghost investigation by the ghost researcher society revealed the ghost of a middle aged woman captured in a high speed infrared camera. If you take a close look at the photograph, you would find a woman in white sitting atop of the graves.  Among other haunted stories of the Bachelor grove cemetery is the ghost of a young girl who is malevolent enough to lead entrants to demonic possessions.

Haunted story of the Neuby church

haunted stories of scary places

You might have heard about ghost sightings at ramshackle buildings and creepy houses but here, the story is different. It is of 1963 when a 9 foot tall ghoul was captured in the Neuby church of North Yorkshire in England. However there was no one in the church as you can see the place is almost vacant except for a terrible apparition that haunt this church. Although no paranormal activity has been reported yet at the church but, there are many haunted stories that blame this ghost to be of a person who was murdered brutally on a street beside the church and hence, haunting this particular section till date.

Haunted Stories of Disabel hotel, Romania

haunted stories of Disabel hotel

The oldest hotel of the country of Romania, The Disabel is known to surprise people with the mysteries associated with its past. It is believed that this hotel is build upon a centuries old treasure. Many haunted stories are famous about the cryptic Disabel hotel and Locals believe a black shadow protects the treasure and may harm a person who intend to reveal it. The floating rumors found a pillar of truth when Victoria Ivon, a european lady captured a black shadowed lady ghost in the premises of this hotel.

Haunted Wherstead Church Stories

haunted stories of Wherstead church

The wherstead church is notorious due to the presence of a lady soul in white that haunt the whole structure. One among many haunted stories famous about the church represents Berthlot family that visited the church every evening to offer prayers. During those days, Mrs. Berthlot was on Antibiotics. One fine evening when she was praying whle sitting on the bench, her husband noticed a blurred figure behind. He took a picture and when it developed, it left everyone speechless. Behind Mrs. Berthlot, there was an unknown entity in white. Since then, visitors usually believes the creepy spirit to be present near person who bends down to pray in this church.

Haunted Bhangarh Fort Stories

Haunted stories of Bhangarh fort

A ruined fort with hundreds of inbounded spirits truly defines the Bhangarh. But how many of you knew there was a reason for turning down this place haunted. Well, here we will reveal the actual haunted story of Bhangarh fort that would spook you. Years ago, during the reign of Raja Madho singh, there used to live a princess Ratnawati who was famous for her magnificent beauty. One evening when she was out to wander the main market, a wizard Sindhiya saw her and developed a lust towards her. He did a black magic on a perfume bottle the princess had purchased in order to make her fall in love with him. Accidentally the bottle slipped on a huge rock nearby. Out of the magic power, the rock started rolling towards the magician and crushed him to death. During his last moments, he cursed the whole kingdom to die within a short span of time and after their death, they can not achieve eternity. Shortly after that, in a war with the neighbour kingdom, the royal family was killed to death and their spirit is believed to haunt the whole fort.

Haunted Farm in Herfordshire, England

haunted stories of scary farm

There is a scary Farm in Hertfordshire of England where many spiteful ghouls reside. Locals believe that these spirits are of the people who were killed in a police encounter near the farm. In 2008, a photographer Neel Shandback captured few pictures at the farm, previously a wedding location. Later what he found out was amazing. He saw the sparkling figure of a child’s ghost while the farm was completely vacant. Except this, the ghost of a woman can be spotted here during night hours and is said to produce creepy giggles that would scare your soul out.

Creepy Railroad ghost stories, Texas

haunted stories of scary places

Generally San Antonio has a number of scary places to visit and thus, many haunted stories associated with them. Here we are talking about one of those places, a railroad crossing that is famous for the presence of a creepy woman. When we dig up the old history, it took us no time to find that there took an accident with school children here. The absolute macabre resulted in death of those youngs. Since then, train drivers and trespassers often notice a middle aged woman in a night dress walking beside the tracks. Sometimes, she is spotted with a teddy bear and dog toy in her hands. Stories reveal that this is the spirit of relatives of one of the children who died here.

Haunted Dumas Beach, Surat

haunted stories of Dumas beach

This black sand occupied beach in Surat is notorious due to the paranormal activities during night hours. It is said that, in dark, people who visit this seashore experience whisper sound and see mysterious apparitions. Today most people know this haunted place in India but very few know the real truth behind its black sand and the ghosts present over here. The haunted story at the Beach blames old generations who used to burn deceased people here. The tortured spirit of people who died from accidents started to haunt the beach. Today, there have been many awkward experiences felt by people at this scary beach in India that include scary screams, crying noises and disembodied push.