7 Most Haunted Places in Rajasthan That Are Too Scary

haunted places in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the city of deserts is known for its historical preservation, centuries old forts and many other tourist attraction. A state enriched with vivacious culture has something much more to offer and there come some of the creepiest nests on the tree. Hello everybody, today we would tell you about 7 most haunted places in Rajasthan That are a way too scary. The best idea to explore this article is to understand the creepiness of each of the listed spots where the creepiness index  increases as we move upside down.

Brijraj Bhawan, Kota

haunted places in Rajasthan

Kota is the hub of students that are into the competitive Tests preparations and the town is famous for the same. Although we had some disheartening news of aspirant’s suicide due to failure and thus making of some leading haunted places in Rajasthan (Kota). But here we are not talking about any spooky room crowded by a student’s soul.
Brijraj bhawan, a heritage hotel was previously the residence of Major charles Burton who was ferociously killed in the revolt of 1857. Indian soldiers killed them so brutally that his soul sticked to this mansion for revenge. Since then, it is believed that Major’s ghost still wanders around this mansion. Absurd voices and mysterious figures can be felt here during strange night hours, making the house one of the five most haunted places in Rajasthan.

Mehndipur Balaji

haunted places in Rajasthan

Located in the Dausa district of Rajasthan, the mehndipur balaji has Lord Hanuman centered as the prime Deity. The temple is famous to ged rid of evil spirits and needless to say, massive exorcism conduct here.  The eerieness of this temple reflects back as you take a step in. Numerous possessed men and women cry a loud during the process of ghost elimination. During the process, the affected people are chained and beaten by priests in order to removal of dark otherworldly entities. It is suggested not to touch anyone accidentally and not to look back once you get off the temple. Due to presence of hundreds of malevolent soul inside the premises, the temple can be considered in the list of haunted places in Rajasthan, not in a classical sense though.

Jagatpura, Jaipur

haunted places in Rajasthan

Jaipur holds an important place for people who peep in Rajasthan with a travel purpose. Except being the tourist’s love, the “Pink city” also has some formidable spots that would not let the creep lovers disappoint. Well, here we are talking about a crowded locality in Jaipur that has been the part of haunted places in Rajasthan since decades.

Jagatpura is a residential area that is said to be haunted by some evil spirits. Though it is not as notorious as the other haunted places in Rajasthan but, it has got a horror element quite well.  As per locals believe, during midnight hours the streets gets crowded by malevolent soul wandering around the locality. Reports of witches walking in white dress are received on a continuous basis. Few hauntings and possessions have taken place earlier and thus, the residents do not step out of their houses alone during dark hours. If you are a spook lover, you might want to conduct an investigation of this much believed one of some most haunted places in Rajasthan.

Delhi Jaipur Road

haunted places in Rajasthan

In this list of most haunted places in Rajasthan, we have a creepy road on list as well. 8 Miles before Jaipur on the state highway, there exists a local dhaba. It is believed that near the dhaba, a woman met with a road accident while passing through the road. Since then, her spirit is said to roam all around the dhaba. People who enter this dhaba in midnight hours have complained to witness severe paranormal occurrences. Anklet noise, ghostly apparition and sobs were experienced by visitors who took a haultage here. Many a people have witnessed the ghostly apparition of that woman in red saree. If you take a visit to Jaipur, you might want to stop by and take a stay at the described creepy spot on the pathway.

Sudhabay, Pushkar

haunted places in Rajasthan

Similar to Mehndipur Balaji, the reason behind the Sudhabay being one of the true haunted places in Rajasthan is the presence of eliminated spirits that wander to trouble a new person. A ghost fair is said to be organized here annually. During the fair, hundreds of possessed people take a visit here to get rid of the evil spirits. Old tales say, a well around this place contains holy water that abolishes the detrimental entities out of one’s physical self. If you are a horror enthusiast and wonder to know how this phenomenon work, you need to take a visit to Sudhabay, one of the real haunted places in Rajasthan where one can actually feel the ghosts.

Kuldhara Village, Jaisalmer

haunted places in Rajasthan

Ask me to name a place that has faced the extreme destruction due to ghosts and I would pronounce the Kuldhara. If you a true horror lover, you can’t afford taking a visit to the Kuldhara village, reported to be the most haunted place in Rajasthan. This village has an ancient legend associated with its creey present that might sound unbelievable to you but the story has a true turn out here.
A dense populated village kuldhara was once a very jovial and happening place. Legends have it, a communicable disease covered most houses of the locality and wrapped the residents in death. Few inhabitants who survived left their home. After the village became deserted and when they returned, the villagers were put on trouble by many evil spirits. It is considered that many malevolent spirits are active here and it is suggested not to visit here during night hours.

Bhangarh Fort, Alwar

haunted places in Rajasthan

Ancient forts and ramshackle buildings have a possibility of a dark history attached with it. Bhangarh fort is categorized under such niche and is notorious due to the presence of hundreds of evil and cursed spirits. Due to the creepiness of this place, Bhangarh fort is not only considered one of the real haunted places in Rajasthan but also secures its spot among dire locations in the country as well.

Bhangarh fort was built by Raja Bhagwant singh in the seventeenth century. Legends have it, once a wizard sindhiya fell in extreme love with Ratnawati, the princess itself. One fine evening, while the princess was shopping a perfume, Sindhiya used his black magic powers on the scent so that when princess would apply it, she will get hyptonized to the magician. Accidentally the bottle slipped on the nearby stone that rolled towards sindhiya and crushed him to death. Before his death, the magician cursed the whole kingdom to death. Very soon, a war took place with the neighborhood kingdom and the whole bhangarh royal family was sworded off to death.

Since then, many otherworldly happenings started taking place at this one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan. Crying of women, giggles, childrens’ screams and sound of bangles can easily be heard inside the premises. During night hours, it is strictly prohibited to peep inside the structure as many of the investigators who went in alone were brought dead in the morning. Due to endless spooky activities, the Bhangarh fort is indeed in the list of heart-ripping haunted places in Rajasthan.

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