3 True Horror Stories That would Give You Chills

Almost every spook lover craves to read horror stories. Today, there are many horror stories available online but, the excitement one gets is different and incomparable if you get to know the truthfulness of the particular incidence served to you in form of the creepy-pasta. 

In this article, we are going to post the experience of a person who had encountered paranormal three times in his life. Begin your read and wish you a time full of fearful adventure.I believe in, well if not "ghosts" as such, then certainly that some part of our "soul" or energy remains in our world/dimension whatever you want to call it, after our death. The following three horror stories are self-experienced and 100% true. 

Self Experienced Horror Stories

real horror stories

My grandparents lived on a farm in the middle of Norway. During the time they were alive we visited them regularly, and after they passed away we used their house as a cabin at least one weekend a month. I was born in 1986, and my grandfather died of natural causes in 1990 at the age of 81. Both my grandparents were lovely people and the whole family had a great relationship with them.

My aunt and uncle have a house on the same estate and it takes about 1 minute to walk between our house and theirs. Between the houses are a woodshed and a tool shed. For as long as I can remember I have been (and frankly still are...) terrified of the tool shed, and especially walking past the tool shed at night after dark. It's a weird sense of fear and sadness that comes over me whenever I pass the tool shed. There is no logical explanation for this, as I am not afraid of the dark and I only have good associations with the place.

I still do, but an explanation to my illogical fear passing the tool shed was told to me by my mother last year. It turns out that my grandfather was sitting with his back against the tool shed smoking a cigarette one warm sunny day in June when he probably had a stroke. The cigarette fell on the grass, ignited it, and effectively: burned him alive... This is something my parents deliberately kept from me when I was a kid. I.e. I had no way of knowing that this was what actually happened.


My mother grew up in the house we now use as a cabin and when she was a kid, her grandmother lived upstairs in a room of her own. In her room she had a rocking chair, and in the evening you could hear the creaking of the rocking chair from upstairs. 50 years after her death, you can still hear her rocking in her chair on rare occasions. Something even my dad admits hearing despite being the biggest realist I know and a die-hard non-believer of anything "ghost"-related. NB: the rocking chair is long since gone of course. 

That the house is "haunted" was further evidenced by one December night when my brother and his girlfriend was sitting and watching TV. Their very calm and well trained Sussex spaniel dog was sleeping quietly beside them. From out of absolutely nowhere the dog stands up. All hairs on her body rise, and she starts barking like mad. She starts to chase something wildly around the living room, knocking over everything in her way. My brother tries to stop her and calm her down but she is frantic and they are unable to catch her. After a minute, she calms down completely and goes back to sleep. Dogs have dreams, I know, but this dog never ever did anything like this neither before nor after.

I must emphasize that in the sense that our house has "ghosts", they are certainly only friendly ones. It's the only place I know where as soon as you walk in the door, you get a sense of calmness over you and "good vibes" for lack of a better expression.

Final story

I spent a weekend with my girlfriend and her parents at their summer cabin last year. In the middle of the night I wake up to go to the bathroom. I go, and on my way back to the room I cast a glance into the living room. There is an older woman with curly hair sitting in a chair with her back against me watching the sea outside. I thought to myself that "this is weird. What is my girlfriend's mother doing up at this hour?” I found it sufficiently weird enough to rub my eyes to make absolutely sure I am seeing what I am seeing. I think to myself "guess she couldn't sleep" and I go back to bed.

The next morning I ask her mother why she was up so late last night. She asks "what do you mean?" And I explained that I saw her sitting in the chair by the window looking at the sea. And then she starts crying... She hadn't been up at all. The person who sat in the chair was her mother (my girlfriend's grandmother). She explained that that was her chair, and that she always used to sit like that, by the window watching the sea. When I later saw photographs of the grandmother I realized it was in fact her. 

Of course my eyes may have fooled me since I was so tired. But as I say I looked long and hard and there is not a doubt in my mind there was a woman sitting in that chair.

So those are my stories guys. Whether you believe them or not is entirely up to you. Would love to hear alternative explanations! But again I emphasize that the experiences I have had have never been frightening or creepy. Only "kind" ghosts in our family!

How did you find these horror stories? If you have experienced ghosts and paranormal in your real life ever and want to share it with us, Feel free to drop your words in Comment section. We will get in touch with you and possibly your encounter may get a place on our article, based on its reality. Thanks for reading.