10 Real Life Horror Stories That Would Make You Believe On Paranormal

In the previous posts, we had published some short horror stories and information about creepy Ghost Movies that would give you chills. Meanwhile, we have got many mails from people who wanted to hear some great Scary stories based on the real life incidents. Well, In this post, we have listen ten real life horror stories that are based on ghost encounters. Sit back, Relax and start reading.

real life horror stories

1   Haunted Library Road NIT Trichy Experience

real life horror stories

This real life incident was told to me by my friend at around 1 am midnight near the library road NIT Trichy, the incident took place somewhere in Bihar, the exact location is unknown to me. My friend's grandfather (A Politician) was travelling in a car at night, this was at a time when many did not have the luxury of a car, and there were no proper roads.To reach home early My friend's grandfather (uncle from here on) asked the driver to take a detour, a road which was not frequented by people at night because of rumours of supernatural activities. He being an educated person did not believe in the rumours and took the logical decision.

After going further for around some 20kms, the driver saw a woman asking for a lift. The driver looked at uncle, uncle ordered him not to stop and continue driving, they passed the woman and continued further, it was after crossing a certain distance, uncle noticed something outside.

The woman's face was clearly visible from the window, and she was literally running at the speed of the car, she turned her head and looked at uncle and told him he should have stopped.The shock was too much for the uncle and he died of cardiac arrest, the woman spared the driver telling him he was just following orders.

P.S. this story was first told by the driver to my friend's grandmother and was passed on to my friend from there, when he asked his grandmother to tell a good Scary story.

2      Haunted Delhi Jaipur Road Experience

real life horror stories

Though I have read and listened many scary stories this one made me really horrified and its a true one happened to my friend. 
One late winter night he was travelling from Jaipur to Delhi on bike with his friend who was riding it. No need to say it was dark with occasional trucks which you will encounter on any any national highway during night time. My colleague was riding pillion when he saw his friend looking intently on his side with a complete 90° turn of his head. His friend's face was white with horror. He casually asked what is happening. His friend asked him to just shut up. Confused and panicked he just kept quite till 10-15 minutes when his friend stopped at a temple which was lighted. They were just walking to temple when an old man asked his friend,"you saw her?". His white with horror face was enough of an answer. So the old man asked them to pay a visit to temple and carry on with their journey. They did as he told and continued. It's only when they reached their destination in the morning. His friend had guts to tell what he saw. He told at that time he saw a woman dressed as bride running with their motor cycle facing him. 

First he wondered how she could could catch up with bike's speed. It was only then he realized she was not human. He froze with anticipation what else she could do and was unable to avert his eyes from her expressionless face. So he spotted light and stopped there. Imagine for 10 minutes or so he kept looking at supernatural creature while riding a bike. My colleague saw or felt nothing. This story sort of reinforces the presence of spirits as it happened to someone I know. That thought fires up my imagination when I am at any horrifying situation.

  3 Haunted Village in Chandigarh

real life horror stories

Back in the day, my grandpa used to go to the nearby town from his village for various purposes, leaving early morning and returning by night. The town was about fifteen kilometers from the village, and then, the rural areas were not much electrified. Through the outskirts and the fields, it got difficult to see the path and reach village after it got dark.

Being a relatively rich man, he had helped many fellow villagers. 

One such person was Shankar, a farmer, who owed a huge debt to my grandpa. Grandpa had lent him a large sum of money for the marriage of his only daughter, and at a time of dire need. As such, he respected and revered my grandpa with a lot of gratitude.

One day, grandpa got very, very late while coming back. He couldn’t see the road and lost his way. It being the rainy season, he was finding it difficult to reach the village through the puddles. 

After toying with the dark for a while, grandpa was getting very worried, when a familiar voice called him from behind.

It was Shankar with a lamp in his hand. Shankar immediately told grandpa to start walking, as he used the lamp from behind to show the path. He strictly told grandpa not to look back. Not giving it much thought, Grandpa started walking.

Throughout the path he conversed with Shankar, asking how his daughter was doing, and how his crops were coming around. They discussed the roads and the rains and the village, and not once did my grandpa looked back. Soon, they arrived at the brink of the houses. Shankar left saying he couldn’t go any further inside as he had someplace else to go. Grandpa went on by himself, and kept walking until he observed an assembly of people standing, discussing something.

When they told him what they were discussing about, Grandpa froze. Shankar had passed away that day.It wasn’t someone who had shown him the path. It was something. Shankar had returned from death to acknowledge his debt and provide help to grandpa when he needed it.

  4   Horror Stories: Haunted Railway Track

real life horror stories

This happened many decades ago, when I was still a young high school boy. Imagine those days - no smartphones, no video games, no internet - not even CDs and DVDs. Only a few people had even cassette tape recorders. It was a time when entertainment meant going to the ‘cinema’, especially if you were a young boy living in small town India. I certainly lived in small town India - a small, dusty town near the east coast of Andhra Pradesh. I might have been in my 9th Standard.

We lived in a small rented house close to the railway line. The notable thing about this railway line was that it almost bisected the town. It was a major line, connecting Madras in the south to Calcutta in the north. (They were not called Chennai or Kolkata then). Most of the old town lived west of the railway line, while some of the new developments grew on the eastern side.

As children, we really looked forward to the movies because it was a rare event and we didn’t have too many choices. The movie I wanted to watch was an old, & white, Telugu film. It was being re-released. It was a hugely popular film back in the day and I hadn’t watched it. And so I was full of anticipation and excitement.

Soon, the movie released in a theatre called ‘Vijaya Mahal’, a typical name for movie theatres in those days! And Vijaya Mahal was on the other side, on the eastern side, of the railway line while we lived on the western side. For some reason I don’t remember now, I decided to catch the late night show - typically starting around 10:00 pm and going on up to almost 1:00 am in the morning. Despite some grumbling, I got permission from the family.

So the day finally came and after an early dinner, I bounded off with excitement. I sat spellbound, thoroughly enjoying the fights, the songs and all the usual stuff. Around 1:00 am, the movie finally got over. The few people who came to watch the late night show took different routes to wherever they had to go. As for me, I was thrilled. I was over the moon. As I walked back, I kept reliving the scenes and recalling the dialogues in my head. I was 15 years old.

Further along the railway line, there was a manned railway gate about a kilometer from the theatre, where all the traffic was supposed to cross over to the other side. But it was 1:00 am. The town had gone to sleep a long time ago. All was quiet except for the sound of crickets from the wayside bushes. And it was dark. But, like I said, I was 15 - a boy lost in his world of heroic heroes and villainous villains. So instead of walking parallel to the railway track along the road and crossing it at the railway gate, I decided to walk across the tracks and make a shortcut of it. In a while, I crossed the thorny ’thumma’ bushes that acted as feeble barriers around the railway line. As I approached, even the crickets fell silent. 

Now, I started climbing the steep embankment made of crushed stone and gravel that cushioned the rail tracks. Way over to my right in the far distance, I could see the dim lights set around the railway gate. Distant and hardly visible. Back where I was, I crunched over the gravel and got to the top of the embankment. It was too dark to see where I was going. But I wasn’t scared. In fact, I wasn’t even conscious of my surroundings - so lost was I in the movie in my head!

Now, I crossed the first railway track, stretching along the top of the embankment and started descending. A few feet away were the second rise with the second railway track. I slowly stepped into the depression between the two embankments. I was right in the middle of the depression.

Something soft touched my feet.
I looked down. I couldn’t see anything. Not even my feet. The darkness seemed denser between the embankments. There was no moon in the sky and barely enough starlight. What was it? With my thoughts wandering in their own cinema world, I acted without thinking. What was it touching my feet? I bent down close to the ground and my hand stretched to touch whatever was touching me. A few moments passed. Slowly, I came out of my reverie. 

Now I was back in this world - conscious of the darkness, conscious of the sound of crickets that took up the chorus again, conscious of my cold feet in simple Bata sandals, conscious that my face was inches from the ground - almost smelling it, conscious of something soft against my feet, and conscious of my right hand gripping softness.

The dim world came into focus. And I saw two eyes staring into mine - their whites were barely visible in the dimness. They looked at me as I looked at them, inches apart. And I saw what my hand was gripping. It was hair - loose, long, lifeless, and wet. I was looking at a human head, a female head. I was standing where her body should have been. There was no body; it was a severed head - with my fingers around the long, wet hair!

Something clenched inside me. Very slowly, I let go of the hair and stood erect. I backed up a couple of steps. Cautiously, deliberately, I started moving away from… her.
With all my senses now focused, I climbed the other embankment, making sure I didn’t slip on the loose gravel. I took one step at a time followed by the breath another time. As I crossed the second track, I noticed, dimly again, what might have been a body without a head. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to be.

I descended the second berm without turning my head. My back was tingling, as though it was being watched by a pair of dead eyes. What if a dead mouth suddenly whispered my name? Stop thinking! One step, one breath. Soon I was walking among the brambles and the bushes again. This time, I wasn’t careful. I didn’t notice the thorns scratching at me. I didn’t feel the web of bleeding lines they made on my calves and knees. I needed to keep walking and that's what I did.

Finally, I was on the other side, on the tar road that ran along the track and then away from it. Standing under a lamp post and the dull pool of flickering light it made, I looked down at my feet. Nothing was touching them. I didn’t want to look at my right hand. I only wanted to leave it behind so it didn’t come with me.

And then I started running - as silently as I could, so as not to wake the dead.

Postscript: A day later, the local paper circulated mostly within the town carried a piece of news about a woman who committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. No one knew what desperation, what hopelessness made her do it.
Memory is a strange thing! Sometimes you remember the silliest of things all your life and forget the important ones.

And some incidents burn deep, as though branded with a hot iron. This was one such. I dared not to speak about it to anyone for a long time. That was certainly not my family.
I slept fitfully that night. But I didn’t come down with fever or go into a shock. I was normal outside. But it took me a long time before darkness was just darkness, and not something with silky hair and staring eyes.

5  The Haunted House Experience in Bhopal

real life horror story

This story is of my brother who narrated it to me. During first year of his B.E. he started living with 4 friends in an house at 12 no. stop in bhopal. One night a friend of his woke up at 2 am. He was not feeling sleepy so he thought of going over to habibganj station for a smoke and tea. They all were sleeping in the same room and their belongings were kept in the other room, so he went to the other room to change up. 

While changing he felt like someone is there at the window. When he looked up he saw a lady figure standing at the window staring right at him. He was scared to shit and ran back to the room where everyone was sleeping. He tried to wake them up but my brother pulled him down and told him to keep quite. He whispered to my brother that there is some lady at the window of the other room, my brother pointed to the window of that room and asked- "This lady?".

He froze with horror when he saw the same lady standing there as well. 10 minutes or so passed and nobody dared to utter a word. One of them (piyush) finally gathered some courage and asked out loud- "Is that you, aunty?" (referring to the wife of landlord). The woman however said nothing and vanished like a flash. All of them were scared to shit and they spent night at tea shops near habibganj station. Now when the narration of the event began, they found out that the lady was standing at both the Windows at the same time because my brother was awake and looking at that woman form this window when "Abhishek"(the first guy) saw her in the other room. They left the flat very next day. Later they found out that the flat was haunted as first wife of landlord had committed suicide there.

 6    Child's Ghost on the Haunted Road in Vadodara

real life horror stories

This happened to me in 2013. I was in vadodara working for an IT company.
I remember we went to saw movie "Youngistan" in night show to Race Course Road as the tickets were cheap at that time.
The Movie finished by 1 AM and i was being given a ride by one if my junior as i didn't have bike that time.
It was near a under construction over bridge we saw at turn two policeman along with their TATA Sumo Standing. We asked them the route for makarpura.
After 5 mins of asking the policewala, i saw a child coming on cycle in opposite direction to our bike. He was staring at us , so just to mock him, i told bluntly shouted on him to go to his home or else he'll be kidnapped.
Now after covering like 7-8 Kms on the straight road,I saw that same child again crossing us in opposite direction.I was shocked and was panicked .
I asked the same moment to my junior that he is the same child.He stopped the bike and we immediately turned our head in the opposite direction i.e. backside to see the child but there was no one. The road was all empty .

7     Haunted Hostel Experience in Kota, Rajasthan

real life horror stories

Our hostel was outside a village. We were not even allowed to go out of campus after 9pm. In my room we were four room mates, same was the situation in the room next to me. 

Every night around 12-2 am dogs from the forest gathered below our room's window and started barking. They used to stare at our and our neighbour's windows and bark continuously.

We kept some pebbles on our windows to throw at them whenever they did so. I was the only bhramin in the hostel and i use to wear my holy band called janoi. 

One day accidentally my room partner woke up at 3 am and he saw someone waking in the room. The room was smelling bad. He is a calm person so he didn't shout and observed what that person is doing in our room.

He saw that for five ten minutes he just roamed in our room and then jumped out from our balcony. He immediately understood that it is an inhuman personality. He started to utter hanuman chalisa. 

Next day he narrated the whole incident. We all were scared. There were total eight students in two of our rooms. We all decided to sleep in one room.

We all were talking, it was around 12am and the dogs started barking again at our windows. We threw stones at them so they ran away. Then we decided to sleep. After about one hour all were sleeping and suddenly some thing touched me. I just opened my eyes and saw that one of my friend who was sleeping near me was staring at me. I shook him but he didn't move. He was too terrified. He just said in my ears "he is in the room." I asked him who? but he just kept on saying me "he is in the room". Next day morning everyone was so scared because they saw some old male walking in the room.

This all happened for about a week. I never saw anything. One day my friend suggested me to sleep without my janoi. 

i did as he suggested me. I was awake upto 1am. Suddenly i feel asleep. I didn't remember after how much time but when I opened my eyes i too saw a man walking in our room. It was like a movie. I can't believe my eyes. I was so curious and scared that I immediately stood up and asked who are you. Hearing my voice two of my friends stood up with me. The man walking in our room stopped and turned his face towards us. OMG

He was known to all of us but was dead before some time. I cannot describe who he was because he might still exist and turn up again to me reading his name over here or to anyone reading this story.

Days have passed But we remember that it was proved that day, negative energy do exist.

We brought some hanuman chalisa books and started keeping below our pillows from that day. It had never happened again up till now.

8      Ghoul of Children

real life horror stories

It was a Friday afternoon around 12.30 or 1.00 when my my aunt came to my house, looking for her daughter, N. It was not unusual for us kids to not come home for lunch, but she felt something was wrong that day. She told my mother that she had looked for her everywhere and asked if there are any place that I could think of that she hadn't look.

We went to the 'garden' behind our houses, went to our friends' houses, we scoured the small village, and there was no sign of her. Abduction was rare, but by then, it has become a possibility.

As we contemplate about calling the police, my grandmother quietly went to her room. She came back out with a Quran and I can clearly see she was reciting it. She said nothing to us, but walk straight out of the house and we followed her. She then stand facing the small path that I told about earlier. It was empty.

Then, voila! My little cousin was playing by herself at the trench. It was like magic. She just appeared out of thin air.

My grandma quickly grab her and personally bath her. The next day, we all got an earful from her. She forbid us to play outside alone when it was mid afternoon especially on Friday. She said, there are other beings out there who might take a fancy on us, and on Friday afternoon, as all the men were out to pray, they might think it is the easiest time to snatched us.

Later, I asked N what had happened to her that day. She said, she was hot, so took off her shirt. Then I came by and asked her if she'd like to go to the beach with me. She said I cycled her to the beach and we were looking for crabs when grandma found her.

My grandma failed to mention that these other beings can snatched/lured you anytime it fancy. A few years after that, they/it tried to abduct my youngest brother  at dusk, in front of our family, while we are about to have dinner. Luckily, my mother came to her sense and grab him before he was gone.

9      Those Awkward College Days

real life horror stories

This was 9 years ago when she started college. She was nineteen years young and new in town. She lived in a student's flat. These aren't like dorms where college students gather in one building. We don't really have dorms here in Denmark but instead we have old flats cheap for rent, which are quite popular among students.
It had been no more than a week since we started classes. I got to know her quick as we were both quirky nerds but in the days that followed, she would complain how her flat settling sometimes woke her up at night. I would tell her that it was common in old apartment buildings. I lived in a similar flat so I am no stranger to floors creaking on their own. When the next Monday came, she was nowhere to be found at school. I texted her and asked where she was and just before the school day was over, she texted me to meet her downtown.
When I got to the Cafe we had agreed upon I found a rather pallid and sleep deprived woman. She slipped me a piece of paper she had found in her mailbox Saturday morning - it was a drawing of her while sleeping!
Needless to say, she hadn't been back in her flat since and moved out real soon.

10  Horror Stories- The Haunted Nursing Hostel Experience

real life horror stories

Our hostel in medical school happened to be just opposite of a nursing hostel. So our rooms overlooked the corridors of the nursing hostel. Needless to say we guys were quite excited initially, but gradually the excitement died when we discovered that it was a senior nursing hostel!
My room happened to be in one end of my hostel. From my window , you could see a room at the end of nursing hostel corridor, which was marked the store room. Nobody stayed there of course.
One night I came back from my duty. It was a long day, and I was extremely tired. I freshened up and sat by the window sipping some cold drink. It was a hot summer night, around 2 am. I suddenly noticed that the store room light was on. The door was closed and so were the windows of the store room, yet I could distinctly make a shape of a lady inside the store room through the window ( the glass was ground glass). That lady appeared to be roaming around in the room.
That was weird, I remember thinking. Since who would be there in the store room, specially at that time? But I was too tired that day, so soon I finished my cold drink and went to sleep.
The next morning I had classes as usual. While returning from classes, I found couple of police vehicles parked outside the nursing hostel. I was curious and inquired.
The officer told me last night a nurse had committed suicide by hanging herself from the fan in store room.
The lady I had seen  was actually going to commit suicide.