8 Most Haunted Places in Jammu and Kashmir That Would Scare You A Lot

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is a state located in northern India. Being in the neighborhood of Himalayan mountains, it is known for the snowy surroundings and deep valleys. Normally it is a pick up spot for adventure lovers but, this post would give the horror enthusiasts and spook lovers of J & K a reason to excite.Well, take a virtual journey to 8 Most Haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir that would scare you a lot.


most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

The Army Quarters in Udhampur is said to be crowded by few otherworldly entities. Residents have claimed to see white hazy apparitions floating into air and lastly disappear in the sky. Those shadows are said to emit light and produce mysterious noises as they proceed towards sky. 
According to local tales, these apparitions are said to be of superior ghouls who come to pay visit. According to locals, the ideal time to spectate these mystic figures is around 1-3 AM. Although these entities have not harmed anybody yet but to see something unusual leave us stunned and scared.

Gawkadal Bridge

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

On the basis of existence of most cruel souls, the Gawkadal Bridge would be superior among the most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir. To know about the haunting at Gawkadal Bridge, you would have to travel 25 years back when few Kashmiri protesters were chopped brutally for remonstrating against the country. The untimely death might have ended the scene but their spirits do not wish to gain eternity. Since 1990, many paranormal occurrences have begun to take place here. Trespassers have reported to see ghostly apparitions here during night hours. Some residents complain of listening weird disembodied voices all over the crossway. Due to the presence of dozen of revengeful ghosts, this bridge is indeed the most haunted place in Jammu and Kashmir you must not visit during night.

Ghost of Abdullah

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

When we talk about paranormal creatures, there are lots of them that need hours to describe. Here, I am talking about a haunted house in Srinagar and the urban tale associated with it. It is believed that the house is haunted by malicious Jinn. Normally, Jinn are considered as deities in Indian tales but very few people know the drawbacks of “jinn”.Well, Jinn of this house cause many disturbances. Visitors find their accessories and wearable thrown out of the house. Flying shoes, disturbing noises and growling sounds at strange night hours produce chills down the spine of neighbors. Rumors have it people who enter this house begin to feel sick due to their blood soaked by the existing entity in this haunted house at Srinagar, Jammu.

Kunan Poshpora

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir
Kunan Poshpora are two identical village located in Kupwara district of Jammu. The whole area is said to be haunted by the vindictive ghost of a woman who was killed after a massive gang rape conducted here. It is believed that her spirit still haunts the village and has been looking for the culprits. Because she died in an excruciating manner, her ghost is of very evil nature and could cause demonic possessions to visitors during late night hours. Residents have seen her bloody apparitions many times and are said to take proper measures to protect themselves from her nasty soul. No matter how creepy it is, we advise you to investigate the Kunan Poshpora in groups in order to save yourself from further internal damage.

Haunted Tree

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

Passing down on Srinagar- Gurez road, you may easily notice a creepy tree. A tree that is recognizable due to the spooky atmosphere around it and also, the mysterious structure it holds. According to historical tales, worn trees happen to be the hub of evil yet powerful spirits. Usually these ghouls are ruthless, uncouth and destructive and do not exonerate one who would disrupt their peace. Thus, it is not a great idea to knock on this tree because; some ghost hunters who touched this tree on the night of Amayasya were demonically possessed to death. 

In full dark night, one could easily hear heart ripping giggles and laughter coming out of the tree. Also, some trespassers have reported to see terrific apparition around this tree that led them near fainting experience. No wonder why this place is counted as one of the real haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir that would scare you a lot.

Ghost of a Guide

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

On the hollow valleys of Kashmir, if you mislead your way forward, do not worry. There is supposedly a person who would reach to help you out. Mostly nearby Jammu and Kashmir air base in Srinagar, visitors reported to have seen a person who helps them and then suddenly disappears. This is considered to be a guide’s ghost who is as harmless as a saint and is said to wander around the valleys at the earth’s heaven- Kashmir.

The Haunted Mosque

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

Before I start describing about this place, I would like to tell you something about a truth from religious literature. Illustrated in Quran and Ramayana, the two Holy Scriptures, it is believed that a place where the manual flow of lights and fragments has not been conducted turns into a hub of evil spirits. In this case, we are talking about a deserted mosque at a village in Kashmir. People had stopped attending the prayers in the mosque and as a result, it has become the heart of many malevolent souls. People who enter this mosque at night hours are said to have died or, demonically possessed. Some residents believe that the one who enters this mosque gets infected by incorrigible diseases. Other activities such as spooky noises, loud screams and disturbing banging of doors can be heard during silent night hours from the mosque.

Khooni Nala

the most haunted place in Jammu and kashmir

And here comes the spookiest among all. The Khooni Nala or, Bloody Barrage has got its name for the quanta of road accidents taken place here. It is believed that the root cause of the major accidents is the perturbed soul of a woman ghost whose apparition is spotted on this road by drivers leading them lose the control over their vehicle. This woman is said to have committed here while she was in pregnant stage. 

Today, if you take a trip of this road during dark night hours, you would find her ghost along with an infant asking for lift. Many vehicle owners have complained her eerie apparition standing on the midst of road and when they passed her shadow, she was seen sitting on the backseat. The whole terrible incidents made this place terribly creepy and people remember it for one of the top most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir.