When Graveyard prank Took Away a Friend's Life

This story is related to the old times when I along with my two friends, Jai and Rajeev, mildly inebriated planned to do something exigent in the dark night winter hours. Rajiv decided that he will venture out to the graveyard alone for hammering a nail on one tree especially famous for sighting of spirits. The nails on the tree, people said, were to control some hostile spirits from coming out and haunting the nearby village.

While Rajiv went out for endeavouring his audacious  affair, Jai decided to stay back and to observe it all from a distance.After few minutes, Jai noticed that his friend after successfully hammering the nail on the respective infamous tree turned around and waved his hand back to Jai.

while returning from the tree, Jai noticed that something caught his friend hold from the back and thus, making him unable to move forward.

And then suddenly Jai witnessed his friend becoming life-less and falling on ground. Scared to death, Jai becomes unconscious that instant.

Later in the morning, when people gathered around Jai and woke him up.Jai taking his time to come to his sense again and realizing that last night was not a nightmare as he could see that tree conspicuously in the clear morning.

Jai along with all those few people went to the tree instantly only to find out that his friend Rajiv was dead. Although the body was life-less now and surrounded by flies , his face still showed something as if he had witnessed a devil.His eyes were abnormally enlarged and mouth wide open.Jai noticed that the nail which his friend hammered on the tree had caught a part of his friends dhoti when he was returning back. And thus, it was the only thing which stopped his friend to move forward.And the doctors concluded that Rajiv was most probably too damn scared at that time to see back what's stopping him and thus, died immediately of an heart-attack. 

But Jai was sure it was not the nail that caused his death.Because he had seen his friends pale dead face, abnormal eyes and mouth.