An Otherworldly Experience at the Haunted House in Punjab

There are some moments when we hear horror stories and get paralyzed. Not because of the fear but also the excitement that one attains while reading a true horror story. Today, we are posting a real ghost story in the "horror stories" section. The confessor is a male from Punjab and narrates his father's otherworldly experience in form of a scary confession. Well, sit back relax and take a interesting read of this horror story that will creep you out.

Otherworldly Experience at the haunted house in Punjab

Haunted house in Punjab confession- horror story

My father narrated the following incidents to me to me when I was an adolescent. Our ancestral house (a huge bungalow) is about 150 yrs. old and located in a village. My ancestors were landlords in Punjab and living in joint families was the norm back then. My dad was just a young boy when the following incident took place:

The whole family (except my dad) started waking up at night due to nightmares. Initially, everyone thought it was just a coincidence but then they discovered a pattern - Each member of the family found him/her frozen by fear in sleep, by exactly the same apparition - A haunting women with long scattered hair in a white saree roaming inside our house. Apart from the night terrors, a few more creepy incidents transpired. The eldest member of the family (my Dad's uncle) developed this strange cough for no reason at all. It got so bad, he would feel like someone was choking his neck continuously and my dad tells me his uncle used to press down on his throat with his thumb trying to clear his throat. In a few days, the nail pressing resulted in nail wound on the neck. All the kids would wake up at night screaming. It got to a point where everyone tried to sleep in two common rooms but ended up staying awake the entire night anyway due to fear of experiencing the same nightmare.

Our family was not particularly religious nor did they believe in such supernatural forces but the night terrors they were experiencing without any apparent cause were compelling enough to make them search for a cure.. A Baba who was as tall, bulky and hairy as a bear was called. My dad who was unaffected by this strange phenomena was only freaked out by the whole family experiencing the same nightmare and saw no apparition. But he was scared of this new strange baba who announced that the lady haunting everybody's dreams was an old inhabitant of the same house. Apparently, she'd led an unhappy life and what had caused her to lash out was some digging/reconstruction which had been carried out in the house.

The Baba organized a Havana which was to last for two weeks. He promised that he could chain/limit her (the lady in white) to a part of the house where she would not bother others but everyone had to stop consuming any non-veg food, liquor etc. while the Havana was on. The procedure started.

My Dad tells me the only thing he found super creepy was that in a few days the Baba developed the same cough his uncle had with a mark. My Dad's uncle was cured of his cough. My dad was on friendly terms with the family driver who like my dad reported seeing no apparitions. However, during the Havana period my Dad found him trembling with fear. When my Dad asked him what happened, he replied he suddenly caught a glance of the woman in white with flowing hair inside his room. She was staring at him & grinning. He said he felt transfixed - frozen by her strange sight. He feared for his life but just then the Baba came to his room coughed aloud, invoked a spell and the woman disappeared. That night however, everyone dreamed of the lady again.

The next day, the baba repeated that his instructions about following a non-veg diet were to be followed strictly. Everyone was stumped as to why he did that because everyone was following a strict diet. The driver later confessed to my dad that he was in the habit of having two raw eggs at night before sleeping. He stopped after that incident.

On the final day, my grandmother suddenly announced to everyone that she was leaving. This was completely untypical of her because she was a lady who used to love spending all her time at home. "You can't trap me, I am leaving", she said. The family members managed to restrain her while the Havana lasted. Things got back to normal. The nightmares and sightings stopped. The procedure was a success.

My Dad tells me he met the same baba in Dalhousie (where our second ancestral house) was located. He grinned and coughed the exact same cough (his Uncle's cough) and as he grasped his neck to breathe, my Dad caught sight of the exact same nail wound. It felt so weird my dad just ran instead of saying hello. To this date, he remains the only person my dad freaked out on.

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