Unleash The Top Haunted Tourist Place Sharda Devi Maihar Temple in Madhya Pradesh Now

haunted sharda devi temple is one of the most prime tourist places in Madhya Pradesh

India is filled with numerous mysteries. There are countless cases where we see mesmerizing things. Some facts are hard to believe but the urban legends presses us hard to take them in. We know some creepy haunted locations in India that are situated in dilapidated buildings and worn places but today, it’s about a place that has been the prime center of religious belief and devotion since ages. Yes, it’s about a temple of Hindu Goddess that is said to be haunted. Wondering how? Read below:

Sharda Devi Maihar Temple- One of few Prime Tourist Places in Madhya Pradesh

Sharda Devi Maihar Temple is situated in Maihar city of Madhya Pradesh. It is a center of infinite belief of devotees and looks grand as you see it. To reach this historical temple, one has to climb 1063 stairs. The importance of this eminent temple drags lakhs of devotees to this temple every year. It is a temple of Goddess sharda and facilitates a rope way system to provide advantage to physically disable and senior citizen. Normally this place remains crowded but, during Navratra, you can experience a huge throng of spiritual believers out here.

haunted sharda devi temple is one of the most prime tourist places in Madhya Pradesh
Historical Importance of Sharda Devi Maihar
Near to the leg of Goddess sharda statue, you would see an ancient petrography. This sight is pleasant of one of its kind. God Nar Singh also resides in the statue form with the Goddess itself. These statues are 1513 years old and were established by Napula Deva. When you would visit this temple, you find one more rock inscription that was scripted by Saint Samba.

Devotees that worship Goddess also honor Alha and Udal. Alha and Udal were two great warriors who fought many fights including a fight with Prithvi Raj Chauhan. They had a firm belief in Goddess and thus were a strong follower of the deity. It is said that the Goddess blessed Alha with a 12 years immortality.

The connection of the warrior brothers is so strong with this temple that a pond near the temple premises is named after Alha. It is filled with greenery, mountains and beautiful landscapes and that is why this temple is also listed in one of some renowned tourist places in Madhya Pradesh.

Unleashing the Paranormal in Maihar temple, Madhya Pradesh

The entry gate is jammed for 3 hours, starting from 2 to 5 AM. This may sound natural to some but there is a really mysterious cause hidden behind it.It is considered that Alha and Udal give this temple a visit, even today. After so many years they appear every night to take a first view to the Goddess statue. Residents believe that, their devotion and strong connection attracts their spirits towards this temple every day.

They do not only talk to the Goddess but also adorn the statue. People that stays inside the temple in this 3 hours interval is said to be killed by those spirits. Many such cases have taken place in this past and firm one’s belief on this weird happening. Due to this paranormal activity, Sharda Devi Maihar temple of Goddess Sharda is considered as one of some real haunted places in Madhya Pradesh. It is a temple where Spirituality meet creepiness.