10 Real Life Ghost Stories That Would give you Nightmares

There are many an incidents that take place in our lives and leave us awestruck. It feels horrible to watch a fictitious scary movie or read a real life ghost story but, there occur some real life ghost experiences in our lives that affirms our respective belief on supernatural entities. Well, this article is crafted to depict real life ghost experiences of people from the world. We have done the particular research to obtain these real life ghost stories and turned them into real life ghost stories. Get ready to dig out the post and entertain yourself with thrill and horror.

Real Life Ghost Experiences That Turned Into Deadly Stories

real life ghost stories

Real life ghost experiences - I

I had never told this story to anyone, this is the first time I am even attempting to write it down. This is a real incident that happened to me after my Dad died of heart attack. Until the day of his death, my Dad always used to work late night on internet, gazing the computer screen for the most part of his work. But that doesn't mean he did not spend quality time with us, there were times when we enjoyed a lot and had some interesting discussions together. He loved us a lot, just few months before his death, he gathered all of our old photographs, scanned it and stored it in his computer. He loved to glance through all our family photos once in a while. The level of love he held for our family is immense.

He had a bed room next to his office space at our home. So after work he used to sleep there most of the time, as by the time he finishes his work its already too late to disturb others, we used to sleep separately on the ground floor while his office is on the first floor of the same house. 

I really missed my Dad after he passed away, he died all of a sudden and at the that time I still couldn't believe he is no more with us. One night I slept in my Dad's bed room where he usually sleeps after work. 

It is must be around 2 am in the morning, I started to hear some noise, it looked like someone is using the computer in my Dad's work space. So I slowly woke up, I could see the streets lights are off for some reason on the outside from the bed room door, that lead to my Dad's Work space, But I could see a dim white light that partially illuminated the room, sign that the computer monitor is on and someone is working on it. 

As I slowly moved in to the room to check who is in there, I was shocked to see my Dad is working on the computer, but for some reason he is not looking at me, but he had a sweet smile in his face as he was browsing something in his desktop, with growing curiosity, I went on to have a glance on the computer display, he was looking at our family photographs. When I called him "Appa" (meaning Dad) He did not look at me. 

I was pretty confused and so slowly started to walk to the bed room, and I was totally terrified to see myself lying in the bed! 

Then I suddenly woke up, from my sleep and felt relieved to know its all a dream. I went on to check the other room, I saw the computer switched on, May be it was my brother who left it switched on, he uses the computer to watch movies late night, then I noticed the street lights are off as well. Noticed the time was 2:30 am.

Real life ghost experiences - II                        
Vincent Mathai

real life ghost stories

This is about a real incident about a ghoul that won 'Employee of the Month' thrice at a BPO.
This is a shocking story based in Gurgaon at a BPO called Saffron, which was built on top of a graveyard and many employees claimed to have experienced paranormal activities. Though some details might be fuzzy as  the management of the BPO tried  to bury the story, such a tale of horror always gets heard through the grapevine.
Saffron has a business  process that had a girl named Rose, who was the brightest star on the production floor. She was a punctual employee who never took any unplanned leaves. Both the upper management and her colleagues were in awe of Rose's way of functioning and  looked upto her as a role model. She was socially friendly woman who made friends with everyone in her process. She was such a great employee that she won three 'Employee of the Month' awards  in a  row during her tenure at the BPO.

But an unusual thing happened one day . 

Towards end of her shift  she received an inbound call and  took it knowing that  her colleagues were about  to leave for their homes .Most inbound calls usually are around five  minutes long but this call went on for around 45 minutes. Her superiors  were surprised at the lengthy nature of this call and eventually  decided to barge into her call  to make sure she didn't need any support in helping the client . But what they heard left them shocked.

They were surprised to find that there is no one speaking on the other end of the line. Rose was weirdly in a deep conversation with someone who wasn't responding at all . 

When the call got over she seemed different from her usual friendly self  No one said anything to her, after all she was the best employee  of the process. 

The next day she didn't turn up for work without informing anyone. This absence wasn't taken seriously as this was the first time that she  took an  unplanned  leave. But things became serious when she didn't turn up for work    again the next day. The trend continued for the next couple of days when the HR decided to contact her to find out if everything is alright with her . But when they traced her accommodation as per the address she had provided in  the company  records, they found out that no such girl lived at that address. 

So the management spooked by this development , tried to do a background check on Rose and attempted to establish contact with her family. When they finally met up with Rose's parents,   they were shocked to learn  that Rose passed away about 8 years back !!! 

The management returned baffled by this revelation . Rose remained a mystery. Her friends were mentally disturbed by this and her  best friend at work suffered a cardiac arrest on learning that Rose was something paranormal . The mystery still remains and the story was duly buried as any such story would bring bad name to the company.

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Real life ghost experiences - III              

real life ghost stories

I was about 6 years old when this happened, but my recollection of what I'm about to write is crystal clear. It doesn't have the same fuzzy, uncertain quality that childhood memories sometimes have. I know for a fact that I didn't dream it. I will never forget the thing I saw.My father and I were driving in his pickup truck at dusk. We were on a major road in Philadelphia (Ridge Avenue, for those familiar with the area). One of my dad's friends had called him for help; the guy was stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery. We were heading to the rescue with a set of jumper cables. 

My dad spotted his friend's car down a side street and pulled his truck over. Dense woods stretched out to the right side of the road, and the bright orange street lamps that had just flickered on cast a sickly hue over everything. My dad instructed me sternly to wait in the car -- we were in a sketchy area of town and he was playing it safe. He grabbed the jumper cables, got out of the truck, and got to work.Several minutes went by in what seemed like slow motion. I don't know how long it actually was, but it felt like an eternity. I was starting to feel nervous in the truck by myself. 

The sky was growing darker by the minute and I was starting to wonder what was happening out there that was taking so long. I knew my dad had told me to stay put, but I felt compelled to get out. I had to get out of the truck and see my dad, just to reassure myself that he was still there and that everything was okay.I opened the door and got out. I peered around the raised hood of the truck and looked for my dad. The friend's car and my dad's Toyota were still connected by jumper cables, and the jump had been successful -- both engines were roaring. But nobody was there. 

My heart began to pound. Where was my dad? Why wasn't he here?

I stumbled around to the rear of the truck to see if he had gone back there for some reason. Nothing. Nobody. I was alone and growing more frightened by the second.

My dad's Toyota was enormous compared to my 6-year-old body. I couldn't see over the bed of the truck. I couldn't see what was around the corner as I turned around to continue looking. I cleared the corner and was facing the woods -- and then I stopped dead in my tracks.

saw something.

Something horrible. Something incomprehensible.I was standing about four feet away from what I can only describe as the thorax of an enormous insect. The orange streetlights were reflected in its awful, shiny carapace. It glistened with some kind of moisture, almost like sweat. And when I say this was an enormous insect, I mean that this thing was roughly the same size I was. It had two impossibly long, striated rear legs. It had a set of spindly, unnatural front legs that reminded me of a praying mantis.

It was moving.

I was frozen in place. Unable to move a muscle. I had forgotten all about my dad. There was only me and this unholy thing that was moving, slowly, laboriously into the overgrown brush that bordered the woods. Then, without warning, it stopped moving.

It knew I was there.It slowly turned its triangular head, a head I hadn't seen until this point. It had two enormous bug eyes. Once again I could see the reflection of the streetlights in those eyes. It made them look like they were burning as they watched me. I couldn't breathe. Couldn't move. Couldn't run. Knew it was futile.

Then, in an instant, it turned away from me and darted into the ness of the woods.

My dad's voice broke the trance I was in. He was furious that I'd gotten out of the truck. Ordered me back in immediately. I've never moved faster.I never told him what I saw. In fact, I've never told anyone what I saw until now. But I know it was real.

Real life ghost experiences - IV     

Anjali saxena

It was month of Feb.1999,when my mother-in-law got expired after her long illness.I used to help her in all her daily works like bathing,dressing,eating etc ,she was quite attached to me.I used to hear her voice even after her death.(specially in cold winter nights when she used to call me for going to washroom or for a sip of water).

One evening,my daughter asked me to take her to washroom(she was 5 year old then and was habitual of going everywhere with me).I took her to washroom when she was washing her hands,she said,"Mom!! Why is grandma standing in varandah(lobby) Isn't she feeling cold out there?" 

Oh My God! I could easily see my MIL there. My husband came there and took my daughter in her room.Later he told me that he was also able to see my mother-in-law there at the same time.

I don't know what was that but all three of us saw her there even after her death.

Real life ghost experiences - V          
Greeta S.

real life ghost stories

This incident was told to me by my uncle, who heard it from his uncle. He says that it is a true incident which happened to his uncle back in the 60s or so, but I'd rather not try and validate its authenticity.

In India, most horror folklores involve witches, who look like the average women, and are always on the lookout to cause harm to others so as to gain some personal benefits like more strength or increased lifespan or something of that sort.

So one night, this uncle, in his twenties, was coming back from work when he spotted a lady wandering alone in the streets. She looked like she was in her mid-fifties, saree- clad, like most women in those days, with nothing unusual  or out of the ordinary about her. Back in those days, people used to be more humane in their outlook, so out of sheer concern for her safety, he asked her why she was out all alone in the streets so late at night.

She told him that she had nowhere to go and had lost her everything ( he couldn't recall the exact details). Out of sympathy, he asked the lady to accompany him home and work for him as his cook since he was staying away from the family and needed someone to manage the house and his food. She agreed with gratitude.

He used to get up in the mornings, eat and carry the lunch she had cooked and packed for him to his workplace, come back at night, eat the dinner she had cooked for him and go to sleep. This went on for sometime. But, slowly, as the days progressed, he started to observe something rather odd about the food he was consuming. He always smelled something foul in it, which made him want to throw up, but out of courtesy and good manners, he kept mum. He also started feeling very weak and more tired in those days.

He told his relatives about this issue and they collectively advised him to keep a check on the woman. One day, to calm his growing curiosity, he went back home much than he usually used to. He quietly tried to locate the woman in the house, so that he could catch her in the act of whatever she was doing, in case she was up to something!

He found her in the kitchen. But what his eyes witnessed left him frozen, with eyes and mouth wide open in surprise and horror, and anguishing in fever for the next few days.

The lady was preparing the dough with her feet and she was using her faeces instead of water or milk. Also, what scared him the most was that, her feet…they were just too twisted for any normal human being to have. Just as she realized his presence, she vanished into thin air.

(My uncle tells me this is true. I'm too scared to even question its legitimacy. Sorry for the long narration. I hope you liked it.)

Real life ghost experiences - VI        
Ramu G.

We (me & my wife)  had shifted to an extended layout and it had been  hardly 2 months.

Lights were off,  I was lying on bed,  my wife was in adjacent bathroom.  I felt or saw or sensed someone in my room,  initially thought my wife was coming to bed without turning on the light.

But then I could sense that the other person was a male,  in deep sorrow, .. ...

I still wonder what or how exactly it happened,  but felt as if I was communicating with that person without uttering a word.

He was a truck driver and had died in an accident.  He had come looking for his wife and daughter and since his death he couldn't trace them.

I could hear or may be feel or sense his weeping and he disappeared.  never ever seen him after that.

When my wife came into room,  I asked her if she heard anything or anyone else during that time.

She said that she felt as if someone else was also there in room but she thought it must have been a cockroach  or rat as she had felt very eerie during the time.

Later when I explained her the whole incident , she made enquiry in the neighborhood.

Surprisingly , everything of it was true and the driver's wife had moved to her parents or something like that with her baby girl and was waiting for the insurance payment as last known.

Real life ghost Stories - VII                      
Vishal Rohra

real life ghost stories

Following is one of the spookiest incident I've ever witnessed and this is not a story.. it's a fact.

A very good friend of mine just after his 22nd birthday lost his Mom due to some chronic disease.. Since being the only kid in the house, he was pampered a lot by his parents and especially his mom.. He also crazily loved his mom and his signs of depressions were clearly seen when his mom was hospitalized.

After she passed away, their was a sudden change in his behavior, he avoided personal interactions and stammered while talking to us.

After a week, he didn't bother meeting us, after around a month's time when we were coming back from a movie, we saw him at his balcony in a weird position.. it was looking like he was climbing the grills at his balcony like how spider man climbs the wall.. and we were quite surprised looking at him. We did wave at him, but he didn't wave back at us.. which confused us even more.

The next day 2 other friends from our group also saw him in the exact same position.. and no price for guessing, he became the point of discussion amongst us. To find out what's happening we decided to meet him the next day, and he spoke as if everything was ok.. but his eyes didn't seem right, the dark circles around his eyes mad him look like an owl. We asked his dad about his behavior.

His dad at first didn't find anything unusual (maybe bcoz of his work) but post we convincing him, he came up with an idea of keeping an eye on him. He also asked us to be with his son for the weekend and we did oblige to do that. Which turned out to be one of the biggest mistake what I made till date. We saw our friend this time not climbing the grill but his own wardrobe and sat their talking with himself, seemed like he was sharing his childhood incidents.. all this was in his eyes open so we thought there is no case of sleep walk.. We immediately ran up to his dad and got a doctor to look at him..

When we got him down and doctor asked him what was he upto.. the answer made us pee our pants..

He said he will not climb to the grill or wardrobe if his mom won't meet him at those places to talk to him.

Real life ghost stories - VIII                    
Ramesh Rao

It was rainy season,and it happened with Me and my two friends Aakash and Hemant. Our group decided to visit Chinchpat Waterfalls which is about an hour and half from where I live. Most of our friends chickened out as the place was infamous for the lives it claims.

We 3 made up our minds to go irrespective of whoever would come or not. We somehow reached the village bordering the waterfall, it was about 45 minutes climb from there. Our first mistake happened here, One old man who was standing asked us where we were going and we replied Waterfalls, he warned us not to go but we didnt listen, he almost begged of us but we merrily continued.

Second mistake, There was a single path but there was no one in sight, but we could hear noises throughout, we went ahead assuming there would be groups ahead, we could clearly see all wrappers and bags littered around. It was half an hour we were climbing not sure how much ahead we had to go. We could still hear the noises and were confident we were going in correct direction,we saw a small stream, we decided to bathe there and return as it was beginning to grow dark. Only Aakash had a watch and it had stopped working.

Third Mistake, I have never met a person who loved throwing himself in water more than Aakash, but he flatly refused to come in, he said he felt uneasy. Me and Hemant egged him but he made it clear that he didnt wanna come, we could still hear other group member's sounds, we were bathing when I saw someone/something move, it hid behind the tree. My throat had dried inspite being in water, I moved a bit ahead, I could see it behind the branch but it was no human, it was in all sense floating, I went to Hemant who was still enjoying his bath and said, "Someone is watching us and we have to move."

"Who's it?"

I showed it to him, he saw but it was not visible to him, petrified within seconds we were out, we noticed then that it had become relatively dark within minutes and we no longer could hear any sound. The way through which we had come(there was only one path) multiple trees had fallen on it, we had to take detour about four times, the path which was a straight one suddenly had 3 to 4 extensions with all of it looking same.

Mistake Four, we were initially walking even after sensing there was someone thirsty for our blood, there was no way that it would have taken us more than one hour for us to cover the distance which had initially taken  fewer minutes(30 - 35). I knew our parents wouldn't even find our bodies, it was with renewed energy we decided to run. We ran like crazy chanting Hanuman Chalisa, it was getting dark and we knew the place wanted our lives. It might have been 15 minutes or 20 or 30 we didnt know, we were panting and me and Hemant had broken our footwear. Atlast we saw a hut, we knew we'd be saved. As we panted and reached village outskirts, we saw it was not even dark, infact sun was yet to set, Aakash's watch which had stopped working was working perfectly fine, it was 6.45 something.

As we reached, we prayed, thanked God for sparing us and went to our houses, totally baffled. It took atleast 2 weeks for us to recover from it fully.

Real life ghost experiences - IX               

real life ghost stories

Almost a year back, in January 2014, I was sitting alone in Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) in Raipur C.G. sipping my coffee alone around 1:00 PM. There were not many people in the cafe that time. A girl, 5' 6", lean with fair skin, walked in and sat on a table beside me. She was very beautiful. I, being a guy, kept on giving her stares repetitively. When I found her looking at me, I smiled to which she responded with a question mark on her face. After finishing my coffee, I got up to pay the bill at the counter and leave. She came around the bill counter to ask for a tissue paper. I don't know where I found the courage and said hi to her( I am very introvert and never talked to any stranger in my life). She responded with a hello.  We had a small chat about the cafe and its product and ended up exchanging numbers.

We started texting each other. She told me she is from Nagpur, Maharashtra and she has lost her parents couple of years back. She was staying with her maternal uncle in Devendra Nagar, which was near to my place. After a month of text exchanges, I asked her for coffee at the same CCD, to which she agreed. We had a very nice conversation there, and she hinted me that she is single. On Valentine's day we went out on a drive, where she told me that she liked me having around and that started our relationship. During next 6 months we met many times and every time she insisted me to drop her off to another lane close to her place. She didn't want anybody to spot her with me. Also she never let me take her photograph, not even once.

In August 2014, I have to travel to Pune, for 20 days, for some work. We used to have regular conversation over the phone and texts. When I returned back to Raipur. I called her on her phone to fix up a meeting in the evening but her phone was off. I kept trying her phone the whole day but every time it was off. This continued next day and the next. I decided to go look for her in the area around the place where I used to drop her.

Her name was Trapti Banerjee. I was going around looking for any nameplate with Banerjee surname but couldn't found any. I asked few people about any Banerjees living around that area but to no avail. I had a friend named Shailja, whom I have told about her and my relationship. She always wanted to meet her but Trapti never agreed to meet any of my friends. I told Shailja about this and Raipur being a small town, she asked her friends in Devendra Nagar about her. No body have any knowledge about a girl with that name. I could not go to police as I didn't have single photograph of her.

I went into a depression, I was not getting any idea on how to find her. Months passed. I made believe myself that she have cheated on me. I started my normal routine around November. Huge chunk of work was pending in the office because of me. In Decemeber, I had to travel to Pune again for work. It was 18th December, around 10:00 PM I was sitting in Cafe Durga, Viman Nagar, Pune. That's where I saw her again walking  down the street. I shouted her name, she didn't listen. I followed her. And all of a sudden she disappeared. I went blank, pissed in my pants. I cornered myself on a nearby wall, unable to digest what has happened. I was there for another 20 minutes or so. People were walking by me. Somehow, I recollected myself and came back to the place where I was staying. I called up Shailja and told  her about the incident. She didn't believed me at all. She said I am just making it up. I tried telling this to few friends and cousins but nobody believed. One cousin even asked me whether I am taking drugs, which I wasn't.

Till day I have no clue what has happened. Now I have stopped telling about her to any of my friends. I know nobody will ever believe me.

Real life ghost experiences - X               
Rodney Whitehouse

Some months ago I was overnighting on the Hornet, a WWII aircraft carrier famous for being haunted. At one point, a group of us were in one of the Ready rooms. All the Ghost Hunter types had all their tech out and doing their thing, but they weren't picking up anything.  I closed my eyes and put my feeling out to see what I would get.

I "saw" a young man out in the hall, out side the room. I think we was a cook and was wearing a sweaty t-shirt. He wanted to come in, for some reason, but he wasn't allowed. This room was for officers only. He was needed to get in for some reason, and wasn't sure what to do.

At the same time, there was another man at the other end of the room. He was really angry about something "she" did. He was wearing a flight jacket, but he wasn't a pilot. They both left after about 20 minutes. One other sensitive in the group saw the same thing, but the tech people didn't notice anything.