3 Haunted Places In Orissa To Not To Visit Alone

Swagatam. Welcome to the state of Orissa that has been India’s essence since the start.  Orissa comprises of a rich Hindu culture and that reflects in its awesome temples and architecture throughout the state. Well where there is God, there is Evil and so on we have a report of many haunted places in Orissa that are terrible enough to give a visit. This article is crafted under paranormal investigators and we are delighted to bring the super haunted places in Orissa state to you. Hope this would delight ghost hunters and spook lovers those wanted to investigate such locations in this state, too. We have a murderer tree to a terribly spooky house and all these added spots to the haunted places in Orissa have a creepy highway too.

Haunted Places In Orissa state

Manglojodi, Orissa

In Khurda district of the Manglojodi region of Orissa, there exists a tree that is believed to be haunted. This worn tree is believed to be possessed by a creepy ghost that is said to spook the villagers as they pass through the way. The horror has gone to the next level here and everybody live here full of fear and confusion. The reason that made these villagers panic struck is described as under:
It is rumored that a murderer soul lives on this spooky tree that is believed out to be one of the most haunted places in Orissa. Everybody who goes near the tree or touches them goes through various health conditions and makes their way to death. 
According to villagers, 7 people have died up till writing this article. The evil spirit has possessed the soul of a girl and had expressed its desire of taking 21 lives till eternity.Due to this chain of hideous incidents, locals are terrified enough to go out in dark hours. Also, young ones are strictly prohibited to go to their school and colleges. Just after sunset, you would find everyone packed in their home and nobody gets out even to their nearby shop. Because of the continuous death in mysterious circumstances, Haunted tree at Manglojodi is the most haunted place in Orissa.

State Highway, Orissa

The state highway 50 km away from the capital is said to be haunted by a woman’s witch that was killed in an accident on this highway.  If you are driving late through this highway, watch yourself and be aware because this lady has led to many accidents on this highway curve. 

According to many trespassers, they found a lady in western getup (blunt hair and navy dress) standing near this road that asks for help.  She asks lift to a certain place if you stop your vehicle. But people found her missing when they reach to their desired place. On the other hand, people who don’t stop their vehicle, this girl follows their vehicle screaming harsh that turns into a creepy giggle. Due to the presence of a girl ghost, State highway Orissa is considered as one of the top haunted places in Orissa.

RIE’s Haunted house, Orissa

Situated in Bhubaneswar region of Orissa, this house is said to have some dark evil spirits wandering. If you believe some old locals, this house is said to be haunted by spirits of some students who committed suicide hanging to the ceiling for some personal reasons. Since then their soul seems not to have attained the eternity. People those are living around complaint to hear sobs and see some apparitions walking on the roof during night hours. Due to these terrible activities, RIE’s haunted house is said to be the most haunted house as well as one of the most haunted places in Orissa state.

We are continuously verifying more haunted places in Orissa and If we find some such locations, we shall add it to the present article really soon. Besides some real haunted places in Orissa, we have listed more spooky destinations around other cities in India. Check them out. Wish you a spooky read ahead.