Top 10 Amazing Places To Visit In Chandigarh Today

If you ask me about a place that is full of greenery, systematic and still have a coating of modernity in it, I would utter one word. One word that reflects all the qualities… One word that represents a city that we are talking about, that one word indeed is Chandigarh. Chandigarh maps itself in the state of Punjab and stands on the lower hills of the Himalayan Shivalik range. 
Some key factors such as high urban planning, very low crime rate and favorable climate conditions make this city an enticing tourist attraction, for the foreigners and the locals. 
So, today we are writing up this article to introduce you to top 10 awesome places to visit in Chandigarh. We believe in satisfying your query and make you familiar to Chandigarh, the distinctive city.

Rose Garden

The joy of securing a top position in your profession is a feeling that can’t be expressed in sentences. I mean, who wants not to relate with the things that highs up to the sky? Seriously and so, the first listing to top awesome places to visit in Chandigarh is a place that is named for the largest botanical garden in Asia, dedicated to one flower. Known as Zakir Husain Rose Garden, this is spread over enormously wide 30 acres of area. While the majority of area plants variety of roses, you would see several varieties of medicinal herbs given a place between. How imaginative is sitting between rose in a calm weather with a soft breeze flowing around… dragging the rosy aromatic smell to you. Perhaps, it soothes your body and your mind and that could be the reason why this Garden faces a huge amount of tourists every year.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden - places to visit in Chandigarh
Image Credit : Shrinews
Recently the death of famous artist Nek Chand has made many of his art lovers cry. But did you know he has a deep connection with the historical Rock Garden in Chandigarh? Well, he was the founder of this sculpture garden. Government official by profession and a great craft man by passion, he invested his time to his passion after he retired out. He started crafting his garden secretly for 18 years, till 1975. The Rock garden is situated near Sukhna Lake that adds beauty to this place. If you take a look at the garden, you will notice many interlinked paths running along the waterfall of the nearby lake. For the art lovers, the garden features landscapes of pottery, sculptures of animals, dancers and musicians. The characters are crafted with rock and for a minute they look alive. The beauty of this place resides in its solid artwork with the use of rock and makes it one of the top 10 places to visit in Chandigarh.

Iskcon Temple

If you are not an atheist, we have the listing of a place you would love to visit. In this article, out of 10 places we have added only one temple and this is because it is enticing and full of charm. Iskcon temple is situated in 36 b sector of Chandigarh and features beautiful deities of God Krishna and his love of the life Radha. Visitors here experience the presence of God and supernatural powers. According to them, if you sit in this temple for a while, you get mental peace and rid of obesity. Temple is open every day from early morning up till 8 in the evening but the best day to visit is after 7 PM on Sunday as Parsadam is distributed among the devotees. If you take a visit to this place, we recommend you to take a part in Aarti as it is highly soothing and relaxing.

Pinjore Gardens

Night view at the historical Pinjore gardensA perfect mix of two different arts – united as the one and only Pinjore Gardens. The magnificent seven stored garden is located 21 Km into the Ambala-Shimla road. This place was originally created by an architect Nawab Fidai khan under the dynasty of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Later, Yadavindra, king of the state of Patiala at that time, took care of the partially dilapidated Pinjore Gardens and renovated it. After modification, the gardens reflect a Rajasthani touch to the Mughal architecture. Also known as Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore Gardens features a variety of ancient architecture and antique structures that you would not find easily at such historical gardens. In the night, it looks highly alluring and could surprise you with its beauty. Full of greenery and arts with an awesome scenery in a pleasant surrounding features it a must-visit family Spot in Chandigarh.

ChattBir Zoo

top 10 places to visit in Chandigarh
Tigers at Chhatbir zoo
While most of the places to visit in Chandigarh are for art and nature lovers, we got the adventure cravers covered. Located very near to Chandigarh on the ZakirPur road, ChattBir zoo/Mahendra Choudhary zoological park houses many mammals, reptiles, birds and other wild animals. Though this place is full of wild animals, the lion safari is one major attraction you would be delighted to see. Visitors are taken on adventurous trips to Asiatic lion reserves where Royal Bengal Tigers roam freely around this wild house. And guess what; you may take your guide to help you see them live from the nearest possible distance. Due to the sightseeing of various wild creatures, this zoo is counted in top 10 places to visit in Chandigarh you will not ever forget.

Terraced Garden

The terraced garden in daylight

If you are planning a day out in Chandigarh, Terraced Garden should be your choice to spend some time in the evening. Established in 1979 this botanical garden is as large as 10 acres featuring a variety of small plants and enormous trees. This place is a favorable picnic spot for visitors as they enjoy the cool breeze that soothes the mind. Being close to nature is a joy itself and stepping in this garden refreshes you deep inside and takes out all your stress.

International Dolls Museum

International dolls museum is one of few places to visit in Chandigarh for children

Next to the above-mentioned gardens and zoo, we have a listing that your little ones would love to see. As clear from the name, International Dolls Museum was started in 1985 by the Indian Council of Child Welfare to contain a variety of Dolls. Currently, the dolls museum has a large collection of puppets and dolls from more than 30 countries. This museum has introduced the toy train that has been the main attraction for the visiting children out there. If you are planning a visit to please your child, International Dolls Museum is one such place to visit in Chandigarh.

Museum and Art Gallery

The government museum and art gallery is one of the few most enticing places to visit in Chandigarh.

In sector 10 of Chandigarh there exists an art gallery full of antique things.  The government museum and art gallery consists of old findings of the Indus valley civilization. If you take a visit to this art gallery you would find the remaining of Indus valley structures and its belongings such as centuries old coins and paintings. The prime center of attraction is the dinosaur fossil that the archeologists had found during excavation in this region. If you own a mind that gets excited being close to antiquities and historically disappeared creatures, this is one of such places to visit in Chandigarh city.

Nepli Reserve Forest

take an adventurous trip to Nepli reserve forest

Known as Trekkers heaven, Nepli reserve forest is located in sector 19, sukhna wildlife sanctuary in Chandigarh. Here you find beautiful landscapes that are hard to find in plain areas. This reserve is equipped with a dense forest with some wild animals and a pond. If you love forest adventure, get a permit and check into this place that will give you an exciting experience. This is one of some places to visit in Chandigarh if you love adventure.

Le Corbusier Centre

The ex office of famous architect Le Corbusier is now an official Museum open for all including architecture lovers.

This is a place for people who love art and have a keen interest in architecture. This huge building was used to be an office of the renowned Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. He planned the city structure spending most of his times in this center. Later, Le Corbusier’s office was transformed into a museum open for all. This place mainly attracts architects and describes the working and life of the famous architect Le Corbusier.