Heart-ripping Night Stay In A Haunted House - Confession

This incident happened on 31st December 2014. I along with 5 other friends had arranged a small party for celebrating New Year. Every thing was going well before midnight. After our meal we decided to spend the night on the roof .We were listening to music and were playing cards.Suddenly some weird activities started .It was all dark and the only light we had was emerging from a bulb and the speaker.  We felt uneasy and i personally felt being watched. At first i avoided it...but then i heard sound of anklet coming from some distance.Then it continued and we all heard the sound again. We were yet not sure what it was .we looked everywhere but there was no one to be seen. We smoked cigarettes and resumed playing.Then again that sound came this time it felt nearer which made us hideous.

I downloaded hanuman chalisa and played it on speaker. Things got normal and that sound stopped. It was past 2:30 and for the next half an hour, there was no sound but a black cat was constantly coming and going , as the sounds were gone we felt safer but then things turned more horrible. The cat that was roaming there came towards us. It looked at us very strangely. We were getting panicked, suddenly it ran as if it was scared we had no clue of the strange behavior of that cat. Then a friend of mine said it’s too much and he rushed down switching off the lights along with the speaker .we somehow stopped him as we didn't want to leave another member and we switched the lights again. Then we sat there and started talking.

After nearly 15-20 min the speaker became silent but the small light in the speaker was on. I thought someone has called. To confirm it, I checked my phone.  The music player was playing the song. And Guess there was no missed calls and no messages.

That was suspicious how could it be stopped.  Till then we were very scared and were sure that we are in a state of possession. Still we thought of getting a final clue and we decided if that cat comes again or the light gets off we will leave the place. Then that cat showed again we ran down leaving everything behind.The next morning we came to know that there was a teenage girl who was dead a month ago. She was haunting that place. We didn't offered food to her soul before eating and she felt disrespected and angry.