5 Uncrippled Ghost Videos On YouTube That Would Blow Up Your Mind

Ghost hunting is a phenomenon where fear lovers like us continue to beaver away at this job for years. Meanwhile, I have had many adventures and collected some notable evidence that would make you believe on supernatural powers. People who love reading scary stuff, this post is all about a strong evidence in favor of the existence of ghouls in this world.

Last month I had a talk with D. Brown - A person who is fond of gathering supernatural stuff that beefed up our case. He has helped us to choose 7 scariest real ghost videos on the internet available today. You can have a look to these and suggest your views through comments. Below are 5 real Ghost Videos that would blow your mind with fright.

After you have explored these videos, show your love by having a look to some real spooky places that are absolute macabre.

The Exorcism (Ghost Videos-I)

This is the unseen and a truly depicted ghost video available on the internet today. Anneliese Michel also known as Emily Rose was said to be possessed by a demonic soul. Above mentioned ghost video mostly consists her exorcism procedure where her screams and creepy voice could easily be heard. She could not be cured and lasted to death leaving us nothing but one of the most frightening ghost videos ever recorded.

London Subway Ghost Video

A person sees something abnormal in the tunnel and records it down. This ghost video shows a creature in the white apparition. Based on the ratings, this video is rated as one of some real ghost videos available today. Take a look at this and decide yourself.

The Headless Ghost

If you take a look at this dire clip, you find it heart-ripping and hideous. The scenario of exact ghost sight starts at 2:01 minute when a headless creature is captured in this clip that turned out to be one of 7 most frightful ghost videos ever recorded.

Real Ghost Video

Call it a truly recorded incident or a fake clip but this recording undoubtedly is one of some horrific ghost videos captured. Sources believe it to be the spirit of a student who committed suicide in this haunted room. In this less than a minute video, his wandering soul was kept copied by the security guard himself.

Ghost Lady in the Forest

In this short clip, A horror enthusiast capture moments whilst following back the evil witch. This is currently one of the most uncrippled ghost videos on YouTube. This creature has inverted feet same as witches do have. Audio detailing gives a clue when this ghost creature shouts the recorder to stop down. Have a look to it above.