Sacred Heart Cemetery That Is Filled With Spirits Every Inch

Sacred heart mission site and cemetery is located on E 1390 Road in Konawa locality of Oklahoma. This place is reported to be most haunted cemetery in Oklahoma (by south state team of paranormal investigators). Let’s dig up history so that to unleash story of how this place turned this spooky.Established in 1876, sacred heart mission became a convent and a school for girls. There was an initial heritage site which got destroyed by fire in 1901. This enormous fire steamed up everything. It took life of many monks, priests and killed many innocent animals. Later this site was rebuilt – Everything became new except old ruins that consisted spirit of dead as an indistinguishable part.

Since then spirits haunted the church building and sacred heart mission cemetery.  Many a one has claimed to see hazy figures of priests and monks walking around this place. If you are lucky enough, you can see ghost of animals who died in this accident.During night hours, cries, moans and screams have been heard in vicinity of the church building. 

If you walk in the basement of sacred heart mission, you may face a shadowy figure. Nearby sacred heart mission cemetery is said to be haunted by these spirits. Unexplained noises such as dull breathing sound with ghostly voices can be heard here. Weird light floating around graveyard and growling noises of animal can give you a heart attack.