Hideous Hillside Cemetery That resides creepiest Witch's Grave

Listed as one of the haunted places in Oklahoma, this scary spot is situated in Skiatook. It is considered to house the grave of a witch who died during early 1990’s. According to locals – whoever tried tampering with this grave suffered dire consequences. Few ruined their lives and had demonic possessions. A boy who died in a car accident in 1970’s is also supposed to haunt this place.

What makes this place one of true haunted places in Oklahoma is true hair rising experience when you take a visit to this place. In dark, one can easily see ghost of that guy in white clothes. Also many scary noises like screams and giggles can easily be noticed if you pass nearby. In dark it is strictly recommended not to touch or go near the Witch’s Grave in Hillside Cemetery.

There has seen many a cases when ghost hunters and paranormal researchers went to Hillside cemetery to investigate witch's grave. Meanwhile one of the team members got unconscious and got demonic attacks. Another member was slapped so hard that he fell on the ground. According to a local, ghost of a boy is seen wandering around this cemetery with his legs in opposite direction.