His Sleep Paralysis Experience Would Make you awake in Bed

There was a time in my life where i had experienced sleep paralysis for 3 days in a row. First night, i remember sleeping at around 2:30 am and since i was exhausted i probably fell asleep in about 10 mins, then after awhile i couldn't move my whole body but i was awake. I tried to fight it but then suddenly I have seen a figure who's wearing a black cloak and it was coming near me. I tried so hard to move but when i did my jaw started hurting as i try to move, it felt like my teeth were grinding against each other.

confession on sleep paralysis

It was very painful. Suddenly, i can see the figure's hand coming near me , it had long sharp nails and i felt it scratching my face. I got so scared that i started telling myself to calm down and then after i was able to move my body. I woke up real quick and it was exactly 3:15 am since i was too tired to deal with it i fell back to sleep. The next morning i was surprised about what i have seen , then i started to think that if i was able to tell myself to calm down, why not try it again the next time. Second night, i remember it was Saturday. Apparently that night, i felt that i couldn't move my my body again. 

At first i got so scared because someone was dragging me down the water. It was holding my feet really tight that when i try to let go i could not. I remember what i had planned the morning and i again told myself to calm down it's nothing. Then i tried to change what was happening to me, i thought of why not kick the person that is dragging me down and so i did. 

I don't know what happened but i was able to change what was happening to me in the middle of paralysis. Third night, this time it wasn't that bad anymore as i searched stuff about sleep paralysis and i compared it with lucid dreaming. To be honest i still don't know the difference. Anyways, the third night it happened i began to not be able to move my body again but my mind was conscious. That night instead of being scared i knew how to deal with it. I started to make myself go to different places, from a paradise to a complete green forest and then i didn't know what happened but i suddenly put myself in a dark place where there is only one door and the figure i have seen from the first night was there waiting for me, this time i seen the face it had red eyes. I was making myself run but then i could not . 

The figure was coming near me, i tried to scream but i cant then i decided to recite Our Father. I started to pray and as the figure come near me it was fading , a white light seemed to have emerged from no where. Since then, I never suffered from sleep paralysis.

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