Near Death Experience Of Ruby - Another Appealing Confession

For her family’s sake in rejoicing her return home, I prefer to not name my very good friend. Instead, I’d like to honor her once stated desire to be called Ruby. At a tender blossoming age, Ruby found herself head over heels for a boy called Blair who felt she hung the moon… And stars… And sun… And everything else as naturally astonishing as radiant Ruby. As nature will its course, they together instinctively made their own beauty, of course, bringing the first of two stunning daughters into the world to seal the beginning of their family.

Editor's note: This is a near death experience of an anonymous girl. If you have got any questions, Message us on our Facebook Page.

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Ruby and Blair’s love never faded nor did it weaken with time or repetitive daily life of raising children. Theirs was a love built securely with respect, admiration, faith, divinity, purity and grace to such an extent; it could make a person sick! At least a person not interested in romantic gooey behavior stretching over the course of twenty three years. Especially the girls, but they were witness to what love is meant to be like and because of that, they now have the same fairy tale families blessing Ruby and Blair with two grandsons and one granddaughter.

So beautiful a story and moreover a near death experience of Ruby, this I know, and suffers such a tragedy, I must apologize for the painful twinge in your heart.

Frosty hours one February morning were staged as closing hours for Ruby’s event filled day. She spent the day with a long -time friend lost and found again. Their reunion to them was epic and mile marking and spanned over a week, with full intent to keep to one another’s company for good this time. But fate had a different plan to follow and did not allow a safe return home for Ruby that late evening. Her Subaru was found by a passerby approximately an hour after it over-corrected and struck a ditch embankment and rolled once. She was pronounced deceased with the arrival of emergency respondents.

Social media served me my slice of shattered sweet fairy tale endings only seven hours after she was found. I was devastated; Radiant Ruby? Blair’s beloved Ruby? Oh my dear sweet Lord… Not our Ruby? My heart sank so far into darkness it seeped into the edges of my vision and coated over the waves of sounds leaving me inside of nothing. I had just talked with her; just heard her laugh; hugged the casual one arm cheek smudge gesture; seen her happiness… The same that always caused me to roll my eyes and fake vomit my shoes. Gone. Just gone. She’s gone…? She can’t just be gone.

I phoned him, he was not okay. He talked normal, like reporting the status of an ill child or the rundown of events resulting in an arrest. As if it was not his, it belonged to somebody else. Not Ruby… As if it was NOT OUR RUBY. Being that he’s closer to me friend wise, I had an obligation to keep tabs on him. And wait for him to collapse when the weight became too much to withstand. And wait I did; for what seemed to be weeks! In reality, four days can escape a person without warning in an instant, but not someone waiting to find absolution in baring witness to the absent soul of a vessel. 

Up to that point, he held fast to his role as the strength for the family and held his baby girls as they wept in anguish over the enormous void their blissful lives have embarked upon. For all of them, this held new challenges; Mom always made sense of these things; Mom offered the perfect comfort perfectly timed to perfect perfection; Mom would help Dad know what to do or say; Mom made everything right when things went wrong. Now what? Now who? And how? And why!!? Why!?I fell to the grief so easily for this one. Once before ever has that happened and for the accepted reason of immediate people affected. Maybe it was the fact life was altered by it for us and Ruby’s death hit close to home, but I fell so far, I accepted her crossing way too soon. She let me know, oh boy did she let me know, and evidently had been trying to do so the entire time. Even before I read the post made by a mutual loving friend. I was forgiven, thankfully, but only for the relief of anxious hope dwindling down to desperation.

Reflections can be so insightful, but damn! They certainly make a dramatic revelation. Almost unnecessarily disruptive for the unexpected subject for the sake of needed heart functions for future purposes but hey… a little shock to spark a conversation between the living and the deceased has its benefits. Can’t think of any yet, but it should have some kind of incentive… Right? 

Especially the over my shoulder reflection upon glancing up at a window I’m advancing towards. Not cool! Not cool at all! Real funny Ru, I bet that was humorous for ya as I flailed my arms attempting to take flight and turn around only to find my face to be landing gear. I did however, claim my own relief… For the sound of her laugh again.