Moksha Bhavan -Know Hostel Of Death In Varanasi Right Now

In Hindu religion, it is considered that if one takes his last breath at some holy place, his soul becomes pure and becomes free from life cycle that is - from taking birth and death. If we name such places which are considered holy according to Hindu mythology, Kaasi(Varanasi) would top the list.Varanasi is a city allocated on the banks of  river Ganges. Named as city of Lord Shiva, This city remains full of devotees and countless temples. In the vast crowd, there also comes a particular group who wish to attain final beatitude. You will find numberless old people who come to eject their mortal body to gain eternity.

There exist very few places that run by charitable trust and provide such people a stay to complete their last desire. In this list, "Moksha Bhavan" is one such stage that gives old and ill people a homage till their last breath.Here are twelve rooms. one temple and few medium sized quarter for priests. People who are awaiting death can live here for two weeks. After this Mukti Dhaam management politely requests them to checkout. Their stay can be extended depending on condition of the person - whether he is going to die soon or not.- Bhairavnath Shukla (Manager)

While we had a brief talk with Mr. shukla - Manager of this hostel for more than 40 years, he shared many things with us. He prays for emancipation of the died soul. However employees of this hostel who live with their family in quarters, seem to become habitual of life and death play. If you take a visit to this place, you can find children playing games here.

At first hand, there is Start of life and eyes with golden dreams meet end of life and dreams. On an average, more than 14500 people stayed here in which 11000 are said to attain eternity. People who don't die in the given period of time have to go with their relative with their heart full of grief.