7 Haunted Places In Delhi You Will Fear To Visit In Dark

Delhi- one of the most developed metro cities of India is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. Beside being the capital of India, It is famous for offering luxurious life. On the primary take, It has a modern and attractive lifestyle, throng of Multinational companies,enormous crowd in a number of events and countless places to chill on. Latter one -Historical monuments, forts, tourist places and museums make delhi a classy city.Beyond all of this, this place has a very ancient history. It has been the capital of many empires. It does not matter how modern people had become, the existence of spirits is an unsolved mystery. Like every other place, Delhi has some real spooky locations too. If you like reading about real haunted places and creepy and spooky articles, "7 haunted places in Delhi" would surely gift you a thrilling reading session :

Lothian Cemetery

haunted places in Delhi

Located on Lothian road, It is half a kilometer away from kashmiri gate is one of the most haunted cemetery and also one of very few haunted places in Delhi.This christian cemetery is famous for many ghost stories. Visitors have often seen the ghost of headless person wandering near graves. Legends say, this person was once a  young soldier who got betrayed by his lover and cut his head. One can see him on new moon's night as he walks past the cemetery.

Khooni Darwaza - haunted places in Delhi

most haunted places in Delhi

Khooni Darwaza or The bloody door is basically the door of an ancient fort. Three prince of Mughal dynasty (two son of Bahadurlal zafar - Mirza mughal, kiz sultan and his grand son Abu bakar ) were shot by English General William Hudson. It is said that, these spirits still await the general who brutally killed them. The vibe of creepiness you feel while visiting this place in dark will make you say- Yes ! I'm out on the visit to haunted places in Delhi.

House Number W-3, Greater Kailash

most haunted places in Delhi
Located in south Delhi in particular and Greater Kailash to be precise, this house is extremely haunted. Decades ago, an aged couple was murdered brutally at this place. After so many years, their spirit still haunt this place. You can feel a series of mysterious happenings here - one could easily listen sobs, cries and screams coming out of this haunted house. Including this, there are many abandoned haunted house in Delhi as no one want to purchase or rent them.

Feroz shah kotla fort

most haunted places in Delhi

Feroz shah kotla fort, situated on bahadur shah zafar road is one of the most haunted places in delhi. This haunted fort is rebuilt by Feroz shah tughlaq in 1354. This fort does not see many visitors as it is ruined and haunted. The presence of Djinns inside the dark halls and empty corners produce an eerie vibe. Every Thursday, Locals offer milk and grains with lighting candles and incense sticks in order to please Djinns living nearby. According to them - Djinns can make one's wish come true.

Sanjay Van

most haunted places in Delhi

In terms of greenery, It is heart of the capital. But there is much more than greenery hidden in this small forest.Listed among the haunted places in Delhi - Broken ramparts of Qila Rai pithora has innumerable graves. Due to endless spirits roaming in the air, there is an eerie vibe atmosphere at that place. Many ruined Majars under enormous trees make this place more dense and mysterious. Often the pin drop silence here is dropped by cries and evil laugh. Some visitors have experienced if they were pushed suddenly while others saw a white dressed woman hiding behind tree and getting vanished.

Bloody River

most haunted places in Delhi

Frightening than its name, this river flows across Rohini region of Delhi. Due to a series to suicides took place after drowning, khooni nadi adds its name in the list of top haunted places in Delhi. There is a common belief that one who enter the river gets drowned by a mysterious force.  

Delhi cantonment- Most haunted place in Delhi

most haunted places in Delhi
Delhi cant is a place where nature resides. It is full of greenery and lush trees. According to many spectators, they had seen the ghost of a lady in white dress asking for lift. 

Some of them who stopped to give her lift, she vanished. While others who did not stop their vehicle, found her running faster than the vehicle. This lady is supposed to be a hitchhiker killed in a car accident which took place on this road. This place is on our pick of haunted places in Delhi.

There is extreme fear of this place in the heart of people living nearby. Due to frequent paranormal sights, The team of paranormal investigation declares Delhi cantonment the most haunted place in Delhi.