3 Haunted Places In Bangalore that have the creepiest history

Bangalore –the capital of Karnataka is known as a cosmopolitan city. Karnataka which lies in southern India is a mix of tradition and technology. Bangalore is hub of the latter.Despite being an ultra modern and techno loaded city, you would be wonder to know that there are several haunted places in Bangalore that are mysteriously fearsome and give you hair rising experience. Well let’s not wait further and move to the journey to explore paranormal activities in Bangalore that was previously unleashed. From mysterious figures to scary sounds, From the haunted house to creepy cemeteries - Hold your breath on because this article is going to scare you a lot. If you are gutsy, you would surely like to visit few of these top haunted places in Bangalore.

haunted places in Bangalore
Bangalore International Airport

haunted places in bangalore
Bangalore Airport- a fine example of out of the box infrastructure yet an unusual place for the existence of paranormal entities.This international airport, one of top haunted places in Bangalore, has been the center of attraction since 2008.  Due to series of incidence that include severe sight of witch that makes this Airport one of the most haunted places- Bangalore. As per the reports people have seen a ghost around the cargo section in B.I.A.L.If you consider the confession of a pilot who had encountered paranormal on airport, he saw a woman wearing white sari with open loose hair. At first, he thought her to be a woman who lost her way on airport, he asked a ground stuff to help her finding her way. While the staff reached near the woman, she suddenly disappeared.

The ground staff went in deep shock and got conscious after a few hours. The story does not end here. Many times, people have seen her standing headless on the runway. If you go through the reports, her presence has been confirmed by the use of infrared rays. The reason why that witch wanders in the airport is still unknown but this adds a spooky dimension to this airport and make it count as most haunted places in Bangalore.

Haunted places in Bangalore - St. John cemetery

haunted places in bangalore

Next on the list of haunted places in Bangalore is kalpalli cemetery a.k.a. St. John cemetery. Located in sarvagana nagar in Bangalore, this cemetery is known for the spookiness it holds. Cemetery is a place where life meets dead. Being a house of spirits, is obvious that there exists restless souls and sleeping entities out such places.

Moving onto real ghost sightings, we have noted the creepy experiences visitors had went through. Some people have seen a scary unclear figure of a man which is reported to be a ghost wandering in this cemetery. During night one feel the unidentified presence around themselves that makes them uneasy and bring shiver down their spines.

Vas Villa- St. Marks road - Most haunted place in Bangalore

haunted places in bangalore

Situated on st. Marks road, you can easily notice this ramshackle building Terra Vera which is now among the top haunted places in Bangalore. This bungalow was built in 1943 by E J Vaz (Eminent advocate in Bombay High Court) and later gifted it to his spinster daughters. This stale mansion used to be a royal house of two Anglo Indian spinster sisters Vera and Dolce vaz which has now turned into one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. 

By infrastructure, It is a haunted mansion with 8 interconnected rooms , one leads to another. Appearing spooky from outside, we found an old blue Hillman Minx car gathering dust near the entrance, Articles like furniture, precious statue etc. were spread out but nobody dares to take them along. There is a history of this possessed mansion which includes many creepy facts associated with it. Did you know ? - Everything would be in place and fine if this brutal act could be undone.

Vera vaz was an English tutor and Dolce vaz was a piano instructor by profession. One fine morning of September 4,2002, Dolce Vaz was stabbed to death in front of her sister Vera Vaz by an unknown assassin. Her body was buried within this mansion. That was the day her spirit rose up to wander within her house. Since then paranormal activities started taking place within this house. Due to spookiness of this mansion, nobody was ready to buy this haunted house in Bangalore city which is reported to be sold in recent years.

Paranormal investigators once tried to peep into this mansion and what they found was terrible and spooky. An inverted cross, statue to Jesus Christ and mother marry with its head and arms blown off. They heard several eerie noises that could not be explained. 

The feeling as if someone used to keep an eye over them was an added feelings that produced shivers down their spines. A trespasser complained to got burnt while he bumped into this place to check out the reality. People living nearby often hear melody of piano coming out of this haunted bungalow which often thrills them. In the list of haunted places in Bangalore, paranormal experts consider this place as the most haunted place in Bangalore city.