Ghost which saves people from Hurricanes - The Gray Man

A paranormal creature that saves hurricane victims is the gray man. According to urban legends...
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Pawleys Island is a small coastal town in South Carolina. The town has become notable for the presence of a spirit known as “The Gray Man.” Ever since 1822, there have been numerous sightings of a mysterious spectral figure who wanders the area’s coastline. Much folklore surrounds the Gray Man, and there are numerous theories about his identity.

One popular story is that he was a young man on the way to ask his lover to marry him but died after getting caught in quicksand. Because of this, he is forever condemned to wander the area, searching for his lost love. However, what elevates the Gray Man from being more than a standard ghost story is the longstanding belief that seeing him could potentially save your life.It’s rumored that the Gray Man always makes an appearance before a major hurricane hits the area. If you happen to encounter him, you will be spared from the storm’s destruction. 

Common Experiences
Eyewitnesses have claimed that the Gray Man allegedly warned them to leave the area before a hurricane arrived. When the hurricane passed, these witnesses would return to the area to find their homes completely undamaged. While these stories may sound like urban legends, there is at least one documented case of such a situation happening in modern times. 

In September 1989, an elderly couple named Jim and Clara Moore claimed to have passed by the Gray Man during a walk outside their beach home. Not long afterward, Hurricane Hugo hit the area and caused widespread destruction. However, even though the surrounding homes were completely destroyed, the Moore's residence was inexplicably left unharmed.

More on him
The gray man was further recognized and his work was further appreciated by making movies on him. This mystical creature has been filmed in The Gray man movie in 2007. A lot of novels have also been crafted on him by Mark Greaney.