15 Demonic Possession Facts That Ensure One Is Spirit-Bounded

A theist believes in the existence of God. The existence of dark supernatural powers are as obvious as the existence of negative charges with the positive one. There are many reasons why a ghost, demon or other supernatural entity enters our body, throw our soul out of it and controls our mind. In this paranormal information guide, we will not talk about those reasons but the signs they give once they capture your body. Below are 15 real signs demons produce when they possess a person.


  1. Sudden dilation of pupils
  2. Unnatural change to features or body language
  3. Abnormal changes to voice
  4. Sudden changes to vocabulary such as becoming abnormally profane or abusive.
  5. Impromptu urge to abuse alcohol or do drugs when you normally don't do this.
  6. Aberrant craving for raw meat & or blood
  7. New deviant compulsions to be hyper-sexual or to savage others sexually.
  8. Strong desire to cut or hit yourself.
  1. Sudden urges to hurt people and animals for no reason
  2. Abnormal changes in personal hygiene {a normally clean person suddenly becoming filthy and putrid}
  3. Changes in normal routines : sleeping all day suddenly or complete lack of appetite, or sudden onset of gluttony.
  4. Severe constipation {I am totally serious about this, 'they' can make your colon septic and kill you this way. I have read about several people who were unable to have a bowel movement for 3 weeks during demonic attacks and very nearly died from it.}
  5. Aversion or hatred when speaking about God or other Biblical subject matter.
  6. Victims could get cut marks on their body. But they can't remember who scratched them and when did they got those scratches.
  7. A person if possessed by both the demon and witch produce a different activity. Normally, they speak in an absurd manner that can't be understood. But, if you listen carefully, you find them speaking in an opposite manner. Rearranging their words, one can catch up their signal.
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short note on how demons are exorcised

Usually a possessed person will be repulsed by holy water and a crucifix, but if they are controlled by a Diabolical {fallen angel not demon} it may not phase them. This specifies the difference between angel and demon.Taking a short note on demon exorcism, holy water is spread on victim followed by pronunciation of chants from holy books from respective community. More steps are included if demon not easily leaves the body. In some Asian tribes, they fulfill their demands and then demon gets out of victim's body.

This is to be noted that some of these symptoms are connected to serious illnesses. If you observe someone who has been taken over vs. someone who is diagnosed as schizophrenic or suffering from drug induced psychosis, they may appear to be frighteningly similar to possession.