Mysterious creature Werewolf - Facts About This Bray Road Beast

Werewolf or, Lycanthrope is known to be one of the most mystical animals from history.Werewolf is a creature that is half man, have the wolf.If a Werewolf bites a human being or leaves his mark on him the human will also be cursed, he will change into a Wild beast on the night of a full moon; a werewolf will appear when you least expect it too.It appears when you are probably the most vulnerable. Werewolf lives like a normal human being between, behaves like a normal human, eats like a normal human, but on the night of full man turns into a wild Beast and kills anyone he comes in his way. 

The only way to kill a werewolf is Silver. Silver bullets, a silver sword or anything made of silver can kill the beast.In one particular location known as Wisconsin the “Bray Road Beast.” Is a very popular sighting!

This particular creature is seen walking around at night; especially on the nights of a full moon.They have been said to have glowing eyes, strange smells, and three claws on both hands. Their fangs are huge and their fur is of a reddish color.

Werewolf stories

According to old records, c. 1640, the German city of Greifswald became overrun with werewolves. The population of these beasts grew so large that any human who ventured out after dark was in danger of being accosted by one of them.A group of students decided that they had had enough and devised a plan. They gathered all their silver goblets, plates, buttons, etc., and melted them down for bullets.Armed and ready – they struck out into the night to challenge the werewolves. After it was over, the people of the Greifswald, once again could venture out at night.

2. In the sixteenth century town of Dole, a proclamation was publicly read in the town square. Its contents gave permission for the people to track down and kill a werewolf that had been terrorizing the village.

While walking through the forest, a group of peasants heard the screams of a small child accompanied by the howling of a wolf. When they arrived they saw a wounded child fighting off a monstrous creature whom they later identified as Gilles Garnier. When a ten year-old boy disappeared in the vicinity of Garnier’s home, he was arrested and confessed to being a werewolf. He was then burned at the stake.

3. In 1541, Pavia, Italy, a farmer as a wolf, fell upon many men in the open country and tore them to pieces. After much trouble, the maniac was caught, and he then assured his captors that the only difference which existed between himself and a natural wolf was that in a true wolf the hair grew outward, whilst in him it struck inward. In order to put this assertion to the proof, the magistrates, themselves most certainly cruel and bloodthirsty wolves, cut off his arms and legs. The wretch died of the mutilation.

4. The final werewolf sighting I uncovered was in France in the 17th century. The beast was known as the “Beast of Gevaudan”. A beast wandered around several villages choosing to snack on people more so than animals. It made over two hundred attacks! Finally, the villagers put the beast to sleep. Later on, another animal did the same thing to this day the animal has never been seen again.

There have been many more almost countless sightings of these creatures for hundreds of years. So are werewolves real? You decide.

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