Mirrors - A Gate To Afterlife World And Its Paranormal Side

Go to any mirror in your home and put place your hand against the glass. Wait until you feel it. Sometimes it takes a long time. Sometimes it only takes a moment.When you feel it, you ill know. You’ll suddenly pull your hand away in horror. Something is behind the glass, wriggling against your skin. It can't hurt you. But now you know it’s there.

The Mirror's Reflection:

For centuries, people have been suspicious of mirrors. They say you should be very wary of your reflection. Try sneaking into a darkened room and peeking at the edge of the mirror. If you're quiet enough, you can catch a glimpse of your reflection getting ready.The next time you’re alone in a room with a mirror, get a ruler and turn down the lights. Stand in front of the mirror and quickly grab a random strand of your hair. Measure it. Then look at the strand of hair your reflection is holding. It is not the same length.

You've just outsmarted your reflection. Don’t ever turn your back on your reflection again. Now, it knows you are on to it, there's no telling what it could do.
What if there are two sides to every mirror. What if your reflection wants to keep you on your side? What if you are able to climb through a mirror, but your reflection keeps standing in front of you, blocking your way? 

Try to touch the mirror without your reflection touching the same place. Maybe the cold surface isn't the mirror you are touching, but the cold flesh of your own reflection, pushing back, keeping you inside. Think about that. Maybe you are the reflection.

Breath . . . Every time you exhale, a little bit of your soul escapes. Luckily, you almost always inhale quick enough to get it back before anyone else does. Almost.Have you ever fogged up a mirror with your breath? Don't do that.

Staring Back at You

Have you ever really looked at yourself in a mirror? Have you ever stared into the eyes of your reflection and wondered what it is thinking? It may sound absurd and ridiculous. It's just your own reflection, isn't it? So, why does it make you uncomfortable? When you look at yourself in a mirror, why do you get the feeling that someone is watching you? You automatically trust your reflection because it looks like you. 

It seems like it couldn't do you any harm. It uses that to put you off your guard. Take a closer look. If you move suddenly, you will notice that your reflection is always a split second behind. Its reactions are quick and it anticipates your every move, but its not quick enough. When you notice this irregularity, do not give it any sign that you saw it make a mistake. Just walk away and act as if nothing happened. Now, you have the advantage.

Your Reflection

Does your reflection copy you, or do you copy your reflection? Every morning, you wake up, walk into the bathroom and stare at yourself in the mirror. No matter what you do, your reflection has no choice but to mimic your every action. It does this every day, over and over. Have you ever thought about how much your reflection must resent you? 

One morning, you will awake as usual and when you go to the bathroom, your reflection will pick up a pair of scissors. This time, you will be forced to mimic its actions. It grips those scissors tightly in its fist and you do the same. On this particular morning, entirely against your will, your reflection will force you to plunge those scissors directly into your eyes. You will scream and your reflection will scream too. Just remember, your reflection can mimic your actions, but it cannot mimic your pain.

Mirror People

The people in the mirror are always watching you, studying your every movement. They know everything about you, Your favorite food, the way you part your hair, your favorite clothes, your first crush, even what you had for breakfast. They never forget any detail. They can't afford to make a mistake. They are jealous of you. 

They want to be you. They are waiting for the day when they can switch places with you. They will emerge and take over your life while you are banished to the other side of the mirror, where you will watch them with your nose pressed up against the glass as they live your life. Never trust your own reflection. It's the only thing in the world that could seamlessly replace you.

Mirror Escape

You wake in the morning and roll out of bed. Making your way to the bathroom, you take a look in the mirror. Your reflection stares back at you. After you finish showering, you dry yourself and return to your bedroom. While you are getting dressed, something disturbs you. You hear a strange noise coming from the bathroom. 

Glancing across the hallway, you can just make out a dark silhouette in the bathroom doorway.

Mirror Facts

Mirrors are used in everyday life to see your reflection but there are some facts about mirrors that you don't know.

1)Mirrors have the ability to suck out souls therefore they must be removed from a room where an ill person lies as they are more vulnerable at this time.

2)People were warned never to look into a mirror at night or by candle light. If you did so you would be certain to see ghosts, demons and portents of death - even your own!

3)When a person died in a room the mirrors had to be covered or turned to face the wall. Failure to do so would result in the deceased person's soul being lost, thus preventing a soul going to heaven or hell.

4)Even while asleep, it was thought best to cover your mirror as you could be vulnerable to attack from negative spirits or demons during the dark hours. Also, never place your bed in a place where it is reflected in a mirror. Never Sleep in front of a mirror if you have one in front of your bed cover it before you sleep.

5)In order to prevent mirrors being used as a portal by supernatural entities, the mirror should be frequently moved to different areas of the room. Mirrors with a solid backing placed in the same position for a long period of time, are more likely to become spiritual portals.

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