Scary Experience During Scouts Camp

It is a true story incidence during our Scouts Camp to Gangtok during our 10th class summer vacations in 2011. We did departure from Old Delhi Railway Station and arrived at New Jalpaiguri Junction in Northern W.Bengal. Then our sir arranged buses for our stay in a hotel in the middle of Gangtok city, not very far away from the MG Market. 

During our bus trip, we had songs, jokes and much more. Suddenly we heard a folk that a forthcoming place called Kurseong in Sikkim, is to be myth with a Headless Anonymous boy who roams at the forest nearby area, only in the night-evening time. We had a scary-funny moment because listening this made us mind divert - There's nothing like that and nothing like a ghost does exists. 

Then after like 1 more hour, we reached the hotel. We were staying at the first floor with 3 rooms accompnied by 12 people, 4 in each room. We were getting bored, so they(my other mates and my roommates) rushed to explore the hotel and all acted like mad. I decided to take the night breeze. What i did was that i opened the window and started to shout slang words. 

Now those of my friends who were running insane, suddenly shouted like they had have seen a ghost. They suddenly came to the room, closed the door and slammed the windows and pushed me away from it. I didn't get this and i asked them what actually did happened? They said that they saw me on the balcony of the window, I replied in negative as i did not approached the balcony. Then their face's colour went down. I too got cofused whether it was just a coincidence or really a ghost incidence. We were all , badly scared after that. Even everyone admitted that they saw a full size guy approaching them that made them run, scream badly. 

As per i saw, there was not even a single cloth lying there then how come a man be there? Then the same night, after half an hour of the incidence, i saw a house from my window that its door started to move madly.I got sure that the spirit of the headless is infiltrating us.Then the next day we we returned home.

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