Insulting the Ghost And her Scary Revenge

ghost confessions of united kingdom

Hi people I am from India but a few relatives of mine are living in a small town near London in UK, named Exeter. Last year when i went to visit my cousin we were having a very crazy time. We were drinking alcohol and doing all sorts of stupid things but we did not realize that we were about to make the biggest mistake of our lives.

It was the month of October and it was very cold. I had gone to a nearby bar with my cousin, his girlfriend and his girl friend's best friend. We were quite drunk when we were about to leave the bar. My cousin's gf Lisa(name changed) was forcing us all to go to a nearby graveyard. It was very stupid of her and of us to listen to her. But we all went there. We reached a graveyard named Exwick cemetery. Its said to hold around 2000 graves and there have been hauntings reported from that cemetery as well.

Lisa was very drunk and was doing all sorts of disturbing things over there like she tried to summon dead people by calling out there names and we all were just laughing and giggling. My cousin, Dhiraj(name changed) tried to stop her but she was completely whacked out of her mind. I was pretty drunk myself and didn't know what was happening. I remember, at the time we were leaving, just outside the graveyard we saw behind and Lisa wasn't there. 

Dhiraj was frightened and we ran back inside the graveyard. We found Lisa lying down unconscious in the graveyard. So we thought that must have happened because she had been drinking a lot, though her friend had another theory for lisa's blackout. She was frightened and said something supernatural was behind lisa's blackout,she returned back home.

It was around 2.00 am and now it was Me, my cousin and his gf at my cousins place. She told us that she was not feeling well and wanted to sleep, so we put her to bed and started watching TV. Around half n hour later, we heard a shout from her room. We ran in the room and she was frightened as fuck. I didn't know what happened to her, It was something that i experienced first time in my life. She said she saw a completely black face outside the window and we were like wtf, this can't be. We calmed her down and went to sleep.

Next morning I woke up around 10 and my cousin was still asleep. I went to Lisa's room to ask for some coffee but she wasn't there. I asked my cousin whether she had gone back or not. He woke up immediately and we searched the house and we couldn't find her anywhere. I noticed that the main door was open, i ran out and i saw her lying in the front lawn. She had bruises allover her body and her nose was bleeding. I can never forget that sight. We took her to a nearby hospital and the doctors said that the reason for the bruises was a mystery because even she didn't know what had happened.

Next week when i returned back to India, My cousin called me and told me about his breakup with lisa because of her behaving weirdly. I didn't pay much attention about it until i heard from my cousin again about Lisa's death. I was baffled that time and linked it to that night. Her post mortem reported suicide but i know there must have been some supernatural linked with her death. I feel very sad about it and that day i promised myself of not doing such a stupid thing ever again. Its not fun people. Its another world out there and we should not fiddle with it.