19 Interesting Facts About Australia Which You Probably Did Not Know

Australia, being the 6th largest country in the world is also the center of attraction for tourists all over the globe. Normally when we think about Australia, we think of kangaroo,Sydney opera house, Great barrier reef and some famous personalities like Nicole Kidman, Steve Erwin etc. But, behind the scene, Australia is far more mysterious and awesome than that. Explore the interesting facts about Australia you never knew.

1. Area of Australia is equal to the distance between London to Moscow.
                2. This is the only continent without any active volcano.
3. Every year, Australians consume 96 litres of beer,on average.

      4. Australia has the species of most venomous snakes of the world.

             5. Before 1902, It was illegal to swim on ocean coasts in daytime.

     6.Outside Athens, In Melbourne, Population of Athenians is the most.

            7. Till 1984, National song of Australia  was "God save the King/Queen".

             8. World's longest fence is in Australia. It is 5614 km long. It was built to protect fertile land the wild dogs.
         9. Australian Alps experiences more snowfall as compared to Switzerland.

      10. The length of a newborn kangaroo is just one centimeter.
                    11. In 1880, Melbourne was the richest city in the world.
            12. 85 per cent of Australia live throughout the range of 50 km from the coast.

     13. Gina Rinehart, chairman of Hancock Prospecting Group is Australia's most well-heeled woman. Her per hour Earning is more than a million dollars.
                      14. The world's oldest fossil was found in Australia. It is approximately 340 million years old.
                15. Saudi Arabian imports camel meat from Australia.
     16. Australians spend more money on gambling than Any country.

   17. Melbourne was ranked first for three consecutive years in the world's most livable city.
                18. Willem Jansjun (Dutch explorers) in 1606 was   the first European to visit Australia.
       19. There are more than 200 different languages spoken in Australia, including 45 native languages are spoken.