7 Most Haunted Places In Las Vegas to Visit If You Dare

When we talk about haunted places, we think of real scary places that would simply thrill the toughest of us. Las Vegas is a city that got everything. From fun and excitement to humor and horror. There are many haunted places in Las Vegas that would leave you amazed. While many of you have flipped bright pages of Vegas baby, very few know its dark reality. This article will hand you the list of terrific and haunted places in Las Vegas.Rest we leave on you – If you are daring enough, get your partner plus a searchlight and enter those places at your own risk.

1. Dell H. Robison Middle School

Dell H.Robison Middle School is one of the most haunted places in Las Vegas

Situated at 825 Marion drive, This place is mysteriously spooky and one of the most haunted places in Las Vegas. Speaking their horror experience into words, new students are said to have seen the ghost of a janitor appearing into hallways of East west corridor. Approaching with bloody hand towards the students is enough to faint those children. This dangerous ghost often follows new students to their house. After attending the church, they get rid of this evil spirit. Why this ghost targets only new students is clueless. Nobody know the history of this janitor.

2. Flamingo

Flamingo hotel look attractive and magnificent but This place is also one of the most haunted places in Las Vegas.

One of the most haunted places in Las Vegas, This flamingo hotel and casino - situated at 3555, s.Las Vegas Blvd. is possessed by an evil spirit of a mobster. Benjamin “Bugsy” siegel – an infamous mobster of his times had a keen interest in opening a casino. To build this dream project, he manipulated the resources from unlawful sources and thus created many enemies. On December 1946, just 6 months after creating flamingo, Bugsy was shot down in Beverly Hills, California and his enemies took over his property. Siegel’s soul is said to haunt the presidential suit and wedding chappel, as these were built on site of his old apartment. This place is so spooky that It is even listen as haunted places in Las Vegas by many Local newspapers.

3. Little choo choo Day Car

Situated on Wynn Road, this Day care is now closed but many spirits wander at this place. After two successive deaths- suicide of a teacher and untimely death of a young boy after getting dragged by toy train. Since then, people see apparition that pop up and disappear all of a sudden. A small boy is also seen digging with a shovel. A chain of paranormal happenings are enough to terrify the locals as they name it one of most haunted places in Las Vegas.

4. The Sandhill and Charleston Tunnels

The sandhill and charleston tunnel in Las Vegas has faced many paranormal happenings.

Haunted places in Las Vegas ? Yeah, Between Sahara Avenue and Charleston Boulevard and below the stretch of Sandhill Road, there exist this haunted tunnel. Beneath this freeway, these flood tunnels are said to report strange incidents and paranormal happenings that make it one of the most haunted places in Las Vegas. While crossing this way, you may hear the mysterious voices of man and woman who were killed nearby and said to possess this tunnel. Drivers have also complained of an old lady who chase them on the dirt roads of sandhill and sahara. However she disappears once you get out from her street.

5. Fox Ridge Park

This park is haunted by a ghost of a young boy and thus it comes under haunted places in Las Vegas

Located on Henderson on Vale Verde drive, there exist this park. The reason why this park is counted as haunted places in Las Vegas is the roaming spirit of a young boy. This boy died due to road accident near this park as he got hit by a drunken driver. Since then, he wanders along with many spirits in this park. It is suggested not to disturb this evil spirit as it take demonic form and may harm you. The evil spirits and ghost sightings make this park one of the most haunted places in Las Vegas.

6. The Old Liberace Museum

The Old Liberace museum in Las Vegas is haunted one.

Being the hub of supernatural activities, this museum is reported as one of most haunted places in Las Vegas. Incidents such as :
  • Appearance of mysterious shadowy figure.
  • Visit by ghost of liberace to now-closed carlucinno’s restaurant across the parking lot.
Make this place spooky creates fear among the visitors. Staffs doubt this apparition the soul of Liberace’s sister in law, who was devoted to museum’s upkeep and her strong desire kept her soul to keep wandering around this museum to keep an eye over its remodeling.

7. Bally’s Las Vegas

Bally's las vegas is one of most haunted places in las vegas

It is situated on the southeast corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard which was formerly occupied by MGM grand. Being an inseparable part of haunted places in Las Vegas, there exist endless spirits that haunt this place. This place relocated after a tragic fire in November 1980. 

In this accident, around 90 people were killed and hundreds more injured. Inner tower where 61 people died is the residence of those evil spirits. Visitors have experienced many ghostly sightings and strange sounds while crossing through employees restrooms and hotel hallways.