My horror experience in egypt

So this is my story,it happened to me 3 years back when i was in eighth std. we all had gone for a school to Egypt and we all were there in cairo for 2 days. on the last night in cairo, we all students had decided to call spirits as we all some queries to clarify. we all had performed all the rituals and we all were at the last stage where on of our friend pissed on the bed because he got scared. so we stopped and proceeded to our respective rooms. 

There were in all 3 girls two of them were i.e. me and one of my friend were there while the 3rd one was not well so she didn't come with us. while we all were back on our way to our respective rooms, our room was locked from inside. we called in the room but there was no reply, we banged on the door but no one opened. we were on the opposite side while the teachers were on the other side. 

After some time we could hear noises from our room but the most shocking thing was that there was no T.V. in our room plus we had no balconies. we could hear screaming, shouting and what not thing. then after 5-10 mins we could see someone approach to open the door but the weird thing was that that it was the shadow of a very fat women with untidy hair while the girl who was inside was slim and had short and straight hair. 

we all got so scared that we all got in the same room where we were performing the spirit calling ritual.Then around 2:45 we all were awaken by a sound which was like someone is growling and knocking badly on our door luckily the room was locked so we all were safe. 

we could see the same shadow which saw outside our room. the hotel was square shaped and there were four rooms on each side so the three room were occupied by us i.e. 3 girls and 6 boys and one room on the extreme right was empty (which was next to the girls room). Through the key hole we could see flickering of the lobby lights, adjacent room doors banging and the shadow had increased from one to two and they were there so that we could open the door. 

One of our friend didn't believe in ghost so he went to open the door, we tried to stop him but he didn't stop. after what he saw from the key hole, she was shivering so badly that he had high fever for almost rest of the trip i.e. for the next whole week. he actually saw a women without eyes and her legs were inverted. although we were scared but it was our main priority to get back to his senses otherwise our trip would have got cancelled. by the when we revived him back to his senses it was already 5 in the morning and we all were so damn scared that we actually didn't sleep and at around 9 am after breakfast we left that place.

but before leaving, we inquired the manager that what all had happened in room no. 413 he told us that 20 years back a women was murdered by her husband there and her spirit haunts there and whosoever tries to call it, she is always there and does trouble them. we all got so damn scared and shouted at him that why the hell he had give us room next to that haunted room but he had apologized that he had no other option because all other rooms were full. 

we all got so damn scared that we didn't even dare to go back there. teachers got to know the whole scene, she scolded us but they didn't cancel the trip (thank god). our parents didn't mind the fact but teachers really got pissed off. even that boy who pissed on the bed had a serious nervous breakdown and till date he's haunted by spirits. poor boy, may god save his soul.