Meeting with the ghost

This is a story that my mother told me about a paranormal experience she had when she was a child.My mom grew up in Chicago in the 1960's. Her mom, my grandmother, was a nightmare of a person. She was a sociopath and an alcoholic.During the summer my mom started realizing that she wasn't getting very much attention during the day. She would be given lunch, and she then was left to fend for herself all afternoon while her mom drank. So at some point she started wandering away, looking for any place to be besides that house. My grandmother was probably too drunk to even notice (and even if she did notice she wouldn't have really cared). 

The only rule was to be home for dinner, treating my mom as if she was sixteen instead of eight Eventually this led to my mom being way out of the neighborhood and near a busy intersection. She was planning to cross the street and go even further. That's when I believe her guardian stepped in.

She described it as she was walking down the sidewalk thinking about crossing the street... When all the of the sudden she saw a "big kid", probably ten or eleven years old, walking by her side. He asked her where she was going and she told him, "The other side of that road." He then explained to her that it was very dangerous and that she needed to walk with him (it's interesting that he never told her to go home!) 

So he helped her get across the road. When they got to the other side, she looked around and realized he was gone in about one second. The only thing behind them, on that side, was a field. She didn't seem him run into the field, or go back across the street. She was looking for him but after that day she said she never saw him again, as if he was only meant to be there for that one day.