Haunted Konkan Beach Where Ghosts Trouble Visitors

The beach located at the Konkan coast is believed to be haunted by spirits. Here we have attached a real ghost confession - A spooky incident that took place at the haunted Konkan beach. Below are the words from confessor.

Incident at Haunted Konkan Beach

I want to share a true incident that occurred with us while we had gone to a beach in the Konkan region. The name of the beach will not be disclosed but it's located between Alibagh and Navagaon area.4 yrs ago, after the completion of our respective courses, in the vacations after the exams, me and my 4 friends had decided to go somewhere to enjoy, chill and relax. Instead of the common places like water-parks, hill stations and resorts, we wanted to go to some place different and so a beach was the place we decided.

One of the friends took his Scorpio and we packed all our luggage. Our plan was to stay at a hotel in Alibaug for 2-3 days and visit the nearby beaches thereon. Since, we did not know much about Konkan's beaches, we were practically asking locals before visiting a particular beach that's when a particular beach caught our attention.( at that time we did not know about it).

One of the locals told us about a beach 43 km away and told us that it is totally deserted even during the days, and since we wanted a quiet place, we decided to spend one night there. We left for this place at 5 pm in the evening and this beach was in the interiors, the roads went through a small forest patch directly to the beach.

This beach is a narrow but long stretch with no sign of habitation( there is a small village 15 km before reaching this beach). We reached this place at 7.15pm( took a long time since we were driving slow due to road and light issues). The moment we stepped out of car, the beach felt a totally different planet, glowing in the moonlight. We parked our scorpio near the beach and set up a small bonfire at some distance from the entrance( since the sand further was moist). We had even bought 2 stoves with us and even prepared vegetable and chicken soup. We then ate rice and dal( which we packed from a local dhaba on the way and a few cold drinks).

It was around 9:30pm by this time and we started roaming the beach. One of my friend kept torch with him (in case the car broke down at night). Me and 2 friends were walking behind while other two friends were walking ahead. Suddenly, we saw 4-5 dogs barking and running towards us, they surrounded the front two friends, barked at them and ran away. they were behaving strange like making weird noises and running in circles.

While returning to our bonfire and car, we were walking by waterside, when my friend said he heard strange noises coming from water. We said it must be some animal or the water..Some time passed, he said he again heard someone call his name from water, for a moment I just glanced towards water and saw something in water that scared the shit out of me. Since, it was darkness, I could not exactly make it out..it appeared to be like a woman's head( by the appearance of it's outline) and I saw it even open it's mouth and I shouted. My friend quickly turned the torch to that spot but before that it went inside the water, everyone of us heard the sound.

We returned to our places and went off to sleep. Me and my friend slept on the roof of the scorpio while the other three slept in the car. Around 1.30am, we heard one of the friend below shouting and sweating. All of us woke up and on asking, he told that he had woke up to refuel the dimming bonfire and he saw some blackish figures zoom quickly through the trees behind and when he looked towards beach, he saw a woman's head peek out of water and go inside. This really freaked us out and we were awake till 2 am constructing explanations. After that we went to sleep.

In sleep, I felt someone pulling my leg and I came down on the windscreen, this was enough to make us believe something was wrong on the beach. I thought some friend must have done this to scare me but all of them said they were asleep.

The most frightening thing occured next, I assume it must have been around 3.30am. We heard a loud screaming and cry for help and all of us woke up to find one of our friends partially in the waters, we ran to him and bought him out. He was numb and in shock for around 10 mins and then told us what happened..

He had woken up to urinate and went near the waters, while he was urinating, he saw a woman's head in water and felt someone had hold his legs tight and pulling him in water. He said that whatever it was, it was making laughing noises and it was moving close to him, this freaked him out completely and prompted him to scream.

Somehow we started the car and ran away. We then asked the village people from which we came to know the beach had reputation of being haunted. Locals told us that the entire beach was earlier a cremation ground, also many people had mysteriously disappeared or drowned in waters. Soon people began experiencing strange things there and stopped visiting the beach. Locals also told that once a local girl was raped at that beach and cut off her head while she was alive some 30 years ago. Many people would feel the waters pulling them, villagers who went fishing would report a head like apparition in water while some tourists reported seeing shadowy figures either moving or sitting on tree branches.

Still today, the memory of this incident sends shivers down the spine. It made us believe that ghosts do exist.