9 Most Haunted Places In Chennai That Will Scare Toughest Of You

Moving forward in "haunted places" series,This article torches its focus on the topic - "haunted places in Chennai". Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu- A state situated in the southern part of India, is famous for spirituality and literacy. There are many temple of Hindu Gods there. Not to forget, Here spirituality meet mystery. Curious much ? Below is the list of 9 Most Haunted Places in Chennai that will scare toughest of you :

Blue Cross Road


Call it whether ghost ridden road or haunted lane, This spooky road has everything true in context. Located in Chennai, Many suicides took place in this lane and this is why, Blue cross Road is considered one of the most haunted lanes in India. If you visit this place, you find a canopy of trees and hanging vines that cut off day light and clear sky view. Due to suicides, spirits roam in this haunted lane. Many a incidences has happened in this lane that ensure the presence of ghosts. In dark, residents of this lane has often see white human-shaped creatures walking down this haunted road of Chennai.

Karikattu Kuppam


Located off the ECR scenic stretch, Karikattu kuppam witnessed many deaths as tsunami hit this fishing hamlet hard. Untimely deaths give rise to unsatisfied soul and they wander surprisingly at their death venue. Narrated by locals, spirits of an old man a child that drowned in the tsunami can be seen here. This place remains deserted due to eeriness of this place. Fear of the dual ghost inside locals can be measured on this fact that a single temple in this area remain empty, too. It is believed among local that these spirit haunt this area and seek fresh blood.

Besant Avenue Road


This road remains delightful and full of rush when the sun is up. You would remain clueless about the dark truth that has tied a knot with this road.With each passing hour after sunset, evil spirits start rising up in this road. This place turns eerie, unpleasant and haunted in night. Many pedestrian have reported- they got slapped and overthrown by unseen force. It is strictly advised not to cross this road when it is dark.

Anna Flyover

haunted-places-in-chennai-anna flyover

There has had many instances of suicide in the empty derelict building overlooking Anna flyover, that has turned it into one of the most haunted flyover in India. This place, being in the list of haunted places in Chennai has seen many paranormal happenings during night and afternoon sometimes. Ghost-sight and Strange noises can be felt here during night hours.

Two Lane East Coast Road


It was a May-night when I was driving through this road in night. It was calm and a pin drop silence existed as my wrist watch clocked 12. I was enjoying my journey as it was a smooth drive. It would be a pleasant journey to my home if I would not have experienced it. I saw an apparition in the middle of the road. It seemed a white dressed girl standing in front as I applied the break hard. I got conscious next morning in the hospital nearby.

This real confession may sound filmy but that's what happens on this road. Many years ago, a girl died in accident on this road and since then her soul wander all over this twin lane. Many a cross passers have had cold shivered experience on seeing this ghost.

Broken Bridge


This bridge over Adyar river is considered haunted not only due to paranormal activity but also due to deserted outlook that add extra spookiness to this place. During the day time, It is a famous film shooting spot but In night, supernatural forces start start their wake up walk. Paranormal activities take place in a series here.

De Monte Colony


This colony built by John de Monte is situated near bustling St Mary's Road. This colony, haunted by its owner has several vacant Bungalows. This street has no lights and feel deserted. Leftover houses and uncanny patterned trees form a mysterious environment that add spookiness to this haunted colony in Chennai. 

Ghost of owner of this colony walks down the houses and street in midnight, as say the Locals. Many people had seen John walking down the street in dark moonlight.   

Madras Christian College


If you turn the pages of history, You find suicides has a large share of betrayal, one-sided love and failed Romance. The story behind this haunted college is themed on one sided love. A student committed suicide in one dormitory of Herber's hall after being heart broken.

Since then, neighbor residents experience many unnatural happenings out there. Activities like pushing down utensils, tabs turn open and breaking of windows happen as to show his presence.

Valmiki Nagar


Located at 15 kms from the Chennai International Airport, This place is considered most haunted place in Chennai, this house on Dr. Ambedkar road has been vacant for 10 years after the death of owner's daughter. After her death, she haunted this place totally. Two people who later borrowed this house for investigation were said to be possessed by her evil spirit. 

People living nearby claim to hear sobs of a girl after midnight and gates open itself when someone passes the house like if it is an invite to come in. One can guess the reality of this place haunted is, even Google list this place "haunted" on its Map.