5 horror novels and books on real ghost incidents you must read.

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After giving space to hundreds of real scary stories and ghost confessions, I constantly got mail querying about more real horror stuffs and best horror novels. People are tired of reading fake,imaginary stories and they wanted some realism. Well, as I had promised, this information-rich article will guide you to five amazing books that reflect two things - horror in real life and they add interest and the bout of suspense. Not taking much time, below are our hand picked books that will certainly give you goosebumps, only if you are not a ghost yourself.

In this book, jessica faleiro successfully managed to tie up many ghost stories and incidents in such a manner that they won't bore you up. Each ghost story makes up a new chapter and they are all recollections of one Fonseca or another. A young priest participates in his first exorcism of a boy possessed by an old man’s spirit. A college girl who dared to spend a night at a haunted library ends up doing something... unnatural.

Reincarnation, exorcism and immoral priests — Faleiro touches upon some forbidden subjects in Christianity. Overall our editorial team of hostac rate it a 4.2 !

shimla hills has seen many accidental deaths. Un-natural death is linked to its suicide point peaks. And people in their real lives encounter many problems due to those roaming spirits. Well, this paperback is written beautifully to take you in their lives- writing is so live that you can feel the paranormal activities they suffer. As every moment passes, you feel more scared. In a price of USD 2 , This is an amazing deal.


This book has got everything. As clear from name, It is designed by mixing a few artistic words to make it look more scary. Many incidents are real but the writer has tried to put more horror into it. Writer used his extra bit of imagination to look it horrible. They are here to give you goosebumps. I recommend this to children and teenagers who love horror more than anything.

Comma is a stage between life and death. Legends say it, a person when remains in comma discover paranormal things. Many a ones have seen their ancestors and even the doors of heaven and hell. Read this amazing ,real and paranormal series where a girl Arielle faces the same. This is true,to the context and real. We recommend this to elders,teenagers and young ones. With the 4.4 points, It missed the first place by an inch.


Author has written about the haunted places of south america in such a format that it is able to keep the mystery and suspense revolving around. With the believed stories, paranormal experiences and old legends, It is sufficient to scare elders much. Reality aside, the reader can romp through the South reading tales of things that go scary in the night, safe in the knowledge that it's only a book. With a rating of 4.4, It tops this chart.

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