A key between life and death

During Durgo puja in India- villages get lit up, puja of goddess is well arranged and decoration is mesmerizing. In one of these villages, I used to live in at that time with my parents and grandmother.  For last 3 days, an orchestra and some dance performances was planned.

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It was maha-ashtami. The orchestra was playing on its rhythm. I was sitting in the front row with my friends. We all were enjoying our times and would be doing so if my father had not come.

Hey, Vicky. Vicky….

Yes dad, coming. Sometimes I feel embarrass as he don’t feel to wait after calling me one time.

I unwillingly rose up in the crowd and stepped towards my father who was standing 10 feet away.

Don’t you have your class tomorrow? – asked my dad.

“He always cares for very little things of my life since I knew this world.”

Yes, I have. But I will manage with a 3 hrs. sleep. It’s fine for me. – I resisted. I wanted to enjoy the orchestra and music that would last by 3 AM.

No way Vicky. You will fall ill. Just go.  – He commanded.

I did not feel sad. I asked him for the keys of my room. He told me to get it from my mom who would be at home.

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I moved my feet towards my home. My wristwatch showed 1 AM. The lights were off but in the clear moonlight I could see dogs standing and barking on each-other. 2 minutes later, I was at my home.

The main gate of our house was open. I entered and sit up on the chair in ground. While drinking a glass of water, I faced up towards the terrace of my three-store house. 

I could see my mother standing facing other side. I began to climb the ladder to get the keys from her but suddenly a voice followed me.

Who is it? -  This was my grandmother.

Oh, it’s me. I am going to get the keys, granny.

Vicky, here are the keys. Take it. – She called me.

I got the keys and entered into my room. 5 minutes later, I was blank.

When I woke up, beautiful sun had taken its control over sky. Dad was out to jog. I sat in our drawing room when my mother appeared with a coffee mug.

Here’s your coffee, Vicky.

Thanks mom.

As she walked towards kitchen, something flashed into my mind. And in a split second they turned into words.

Hey mom, One second.

Yes – she turned back.

What were you doing on terrace so late?

Who? Me? I did not go on terrace a single time since 8 PM.