5 different scary stories for sleepovers that will give you a nightmare

While breathing down, relaxing yourself and trying to go to sleep, many of us need stories and music to have a calm sleep. But yeah, one who is fan of horror stories won't sleep either without reading some horror stuff. So, today we had got some mind picked scary stories for you.

A good scary story for a sleepover is the ones that start off really scary but end in a hilarious way-it really makes people jump.well, These are designed to meet reader's choices and moods. All you have to do is to take a look below on our posted story links. 
scary stories for sleepovers
 1.  The little people
This long horror story basically belongs to thriller category. For all you readers who like reading long creepy stuff can head to this story.This beautifully crafted creepy stuff has everything-Despite being long, It's interesting to read and creates suspense well over. Also, It fulfills the first criteria to get itself posted here- yes, It is scary as well. 

Read - "The little people"

2.  Haunted places in chennai - The Ghost beach

Many of us do not believe in the existence of spirit and supernatural power. But still there are a lot of places that makes us feel the reality of evil and paranormal activities. This confession is about a person who got trapped in haunted beach in chennai. This confession is about the Ghost beach of chennai. Have a look to this scary and hair rising confession.

Read - "The Ghost beach"

3.  Our child's experience in the haunted duplex

When we rent a house,most of us do not investigate the history of it whether it is a haunted house or not. Like most of us, This family made the same mistake and their child began to experience mysterious activities in the haunted house. Read full to discover.

Read - "child's experience in haunted house"

4.  The Enfield horror

On the night of April 25, 1973, a little boy by the name of Greg Garrett was playing in his backyard in Enfield, Illinois, when he was attacked. Not by a person, or any animal anyone had ever seen before—to this day nobody knows what it was—but it tore his shoes to pieces and left him in tears. Just minutes later, local resident Henry McDaniel opened his front door after hearing a light scratch, and got a good look at what would would come to be known as the infilled Horror.

Read - "Enfield horror"

5.   Betrayal,murder and revenge

In the early 90's there was a beautiful young lady named Rose (name changed). She was the only daughter to a very wealthy couple. One fine day she saw a handsome young man who stood tall in the blistering sun. The man walked up to her, introduced himself as Jasper (name changed) and with his charming way's made her fall in love with him. Read this amazing story.

Take a read- The story of Carmen Winstead