5 Real Ghost Stories In India That Will Give You Goosebumps

Real ghost stories are stories that are confessed with truth and evidence. Below are the 5 ghost stories that will give you goosebumps and provide you a hair rising experience. Not wasting enough time, head beneath to read 5 real ghost stories in India - totally Indian, completely scary.

5 real ghost stories in india that will give you goosebumps

  • Lifelong scary experience to be remembered
Introduction : Dark has always a gloomy history. At a point it is the symbol of evil and paranormal things and on the other hand, all major haunting and ghost attack at that point. This ghost confession is about a haunted road in purulia, west bengal through which some college student had to cross to reach a forest bunglow. Below is the promising real ghost confession that will give you goosebumps.

  • 10 Real Life Horror Stories based on Actual incidents     
Introduction : These horror stories are based on      true life experiences. Based on scary incidents, these ghost tales would provide you the juice of horror.

  • Haunted places in chennai- The Ghost beach

Introduction : Many of us do not believe in the existence of spirit and supernatural power. But still there are a lot of places that makes us feel the reality of evil and paranormal activities. This confession is about a person who got trapped in haunted beach in chennai. This confession is about the Ghost beach of chennai. Have a look to this scary and hair rising confession.
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  • Female ghost in the moonlight

Introduction : This Terrific Experience that I gained before 3 years. I stay at Salt Lake, Calcutta. Before my dad's retirement we were eagerly seeking for a house or bungalow. After long effort we found a 10 years old bungalow in a fashionable area of Salt Lake. It was white marbled flooring and 2 storied.

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  • A Journey with dead Corpse

Introduction : Well this is not a ghost story, but it's an incident that I can't forget ever. It scares me till now when I see it in my dreams.This story is about of ten years ago. There's a railway station named 'park circus' in the southern kolkata.

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  • scary experience in the haunted hotel room
Introduction : That was the year of 1999. I had been visited Mumbai, accompanied by my parents. There we booked a hotel room, which was totally sea side. But we couldn't think even in dream that our tour would be turned into a nightmare, very soon.